Kitchen remodeling tips

These are general how to remodel a kitchen ideas, tips and some answers homeowners might have while starting on a kitchen remodeling by self. Unless you are planning on moving walls with a major layout changes then it is better to hire a remodeling contractor.

How to start on a kitchen remodeling?

You are wrong if consider to start your work from demolishing. First of all do not underestimate the dust. Insolate the kitchen area as much as you can from the rest of a house, so dust won’t go anywhere, but outside through open windows. Simple solution is a plastic and blue masking tape.

Should I disconnect the electricity while remodeling a kitchen?

Simple answer is - yes. On a main electric box find the circuit breaker which control the power to the kitchen and shut it off. With a power off disconnect all the kitchen appliances and light fixtures you are planning to change. Remember safety first and never leave open and not insulated wires even with a power off.

Should I keep the power shut down during the whole kitchen remodeling?

If you are planning to work on electricity during the remodeling keep the power off and use an external light fixture with a power from other room. But before going into some changes consult or hire licensed electrician who will be able to make changes according to local codes.

What should I do with a plumbing?

First of all you have to find the main water valve and check if it works properly. You have to be able to shut the water while redoing water pipes on in case of an emergency. Disconnect every single element from water lines and drains that is including faucet, sink, fridge, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.

Will the water be shut down in the whole house?

You do not have to keep the water in whole house off during the kitchen remodeling, as long as you are not redoing water pipes. Use a small kitchen valves to faucet, fridge and dishwasher to shut the water.

How to start on demolishing of old kitchen?

It is really up to you from what to start, but it is better to take out kitchen appliances first and put them in a safe place if planning on reusing them. After that you might get rid of kitchen countertop, kitchen cabinets and flooring.

Should I add electric outlet or install cabinets first?

First of all make sure electrical outlets as well as plumbing will stay at the same places. If you are planning to move it or add something that is what you have to start on. Finish up all work inside the walls, fix the drywall and prime the kitchen walls.

Should I paint kitchen walls before or after kitchen cabinets installation?

You can prime the walls and apply one coat of paint. It will be easier to do before cabinets, but due to possibility of scratches and marks left on walls during the work final coat of paint has to be applied after kitchen cabinets, countertop, and backsplash are installed.

What to install first – kitchen cabinets or kitchen flooring?

You should start installation from flooring. Ones it is done put some protection on top of it especially if it is a hardwood floor. You can use cardboard or drop cloth and it will protect the floor from scratches while working in the kitchen.

Can I install kitchen countertop by self?

It depends on a type of material and your ability. If it is a laminated countertop you may try to install it by self. But any stone, concrete or quartz countertop will require a professional installation.

When kitchen sink should be installed?

Kitchen sink has to be installed right after the countertop. Usually the company which will bring the kitchen countertop will mount a sink with no additional charge, but faucet installation as well connecting a drain are a separate task and will be charged separately.