Kitchen cabinets installation tips

Kitchen cabinets installation questions and tips

Which cabinets should be installed first – wall or base?

Start installation from the wall cabinets, and then install base cabinets. Make sure the screws go to into the studs and pay attention to water pipes inside the wall.

How many screws I have to put in every wall cabinet?

You have to put screw in every wall stud. The cabinets should be secured from the top and bottom. Let say behind 36 inches wide wall cabinet will be 2 wall studs and you have to secure the cabinet with 2 screws from the top and 2 from the bottom. If the cabinet is 16 inches wide or smaller there is only 1 stud possible to find and 2 screws will hold the cabinet – 1 from top and 1 from bottom.

Should I screw kitchens cabinets together?

Cabinets have to be fastened with each other. Before put the screws, the holes have to be predrilled. It is better to use the thin screws with a small heads for screwing cabinets together.

Which screws to use for hanging wall cabinets?

The screws have to be long enough to go through the kitchen cabinet, drywall and at least one inch in the wall stud. In most cases 2.5 inches long screws will work.

How to find studs in the wall?

There is a tool called stud finder you can buy in home improvement stores and it is relatively easy to use. But be careful – there are might be a water pipes or drains in the wall and if you are not sure open a drywall and look where the studs are. They should be every 16 inches, and if you will find one you can measure approximately where the others should be.

How to install electric outlet inside of a kitchen cabinet?

It is very common that you need to have an electric outlet inside of a kitchen cabinet, for example, for plugging the microwave or build in cabinet oven. First of all, measure where outlets will be, then cut a hole in the back panel of a cabinet, screw the outlet to electric box and install cover plate inside of kitchen cabinet. It is important to understand all electrical work inside walls has to be done prior to the kitchen cabinets installation.

When to install under cabinet light fixtures?

Under cabinet lightning can be installed right after kitchen cabinets. The power source has to be already there for every fixture if not - do it before installing cabinets. Even if you are planning to plug it in the electric outlet make sure you add extras for that purpose.

When do I have to use wood kitchen cabinet filler?

In many cases installation of cabinet fillers is unavoidable. Let say you have wall to wall opening 96.5 inches, but the total width of cabinets 96 inches what means you will have a space of ½ of an inch between wall and cabinets installed. In this case use a filler to cover the space. Even if you have a custom made cabinets designed according to the kitchen measurement most likely there are will be some spaces and installation of fillers will be require. Any order will include cabinet’s fillers the same as the cabinet’s materials.

Is it easy to install kitchen cabinets crown molding?

Installation of crown molding on kitchen cabinets is a precise work. If you know how to use a miter saw it is not hard to install a simple molding. But custom made, especially wide cabinets crown molding will require professional installation.