Chicago hardwood floor installation, refinishing, repair


Hardwood floor installation in Chicago metropolitan area

Installation of new unfinished hardwood flooring in Chicago and suburbs
With a professional installation site finished hardwood flooring will match any home interior design. We are using latest techniques and equipment to make the installation and finishing process as seamless as possible. We offer variety of finishing products for any budget and needs.

Prefinished hardwood flooring installation
There are endless options available when it comes to prefinished hardwood floor and manufacturers continuously working on creating a new wood flooring products lines. There are less time will be require to install a prefinished wood in comparison with a site finished products.

Types of installation and techniques we are using for hardwood floor installation in Chicago land area

Nail down or staple down hardwood floor installation
One of the most popular installation options over wood subfloor is to nail or staple down actual hardwood floor. This method of installation will work well whether it is prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring.

Glue down wood floor installation
Typically glue down method is used for wood floor installation over concrete subfloor. The cost of materials will be slightly higher in comparison with other installation options because of additional expenses for glue.

Floating floors installation
Floating hardwood flooring is one of the best “on budget” option. It will go over any type of a subfloor and the labor cost will be two - three times less comparing to nail or glue down installation techniques.

Hardwood floor refinishing in Chicago metropolitan area
Besides new hardwood floor installation we provide refinishing of old solid wood flooring. This option is available when the existing floor is in a decent condition, but has scratches, dents or lost its appearance overtime. During in-home inspection our installer will advise about the best option to bring the old wood flooring to “as a new condition again”. In addition we can provide sanding of hardwood floor or stain application only.

Hardwood floor repair in Chicago
Heavily damaged wood flooring might require partial repair or planks replacement. In some cases, especially if it is water damage, the whole floor might need to be replaced if the appropriate steps of moisture elimination were not taken on time.

Hardwood floor installation prices in Chicago area
We have competitive prices for hardwood floor installation, repair and refinishing. For a bigger projects (700 square feet or more) cost of hardwood floor installation will be lower. Small projects or repair we are estimating based on time spend and minimum charge. For more information on pricing check our hardwood floor installation prices.

How to get started on hardwood floor installation in Chicago?
In order to get an estimate from our Chicago land area hardwood flooring contractor fill our contact form including as much details as possible about your hardwood flooring project. We will review the information and will contact you with a rough estimate. Ones you think you want to work with us we will schedule in home consultation and get all measurements. Ones all aspects will be settle our contractor will perform the hardwood floor installation.

Will the hardwood flooring contractor provide all materials?
Homeowners might choose whether to buy hardwood flooring by themselves from local hardwood flooring distributor or online and let us install it or our contractor will provide all necessary materials including actual wood flooring.