Types of laminate floor

There are two different types of laminate floor by its construction.

Direct pressure laminate flooring

All layers of laminate fusing together at the same time with a pressure over 600 psi, and temperature about 400 F. Most manufacturers using this type of construction. Direct pressure lamination allows to create an unique and naturally looking surface layer.

High pressure laminate flooring

Layers of laminate fusing to the core layer separately with a heat and high pressure over 1400 psi. This process makes product very durable and will be the best for a heavy traffic commercial properties. High pressure laminate has better impact and wear resistance, but usually it more expensive in comparison with a direct pressure laminate.

Which product to choose - direct pressure laminate or high pressure laminate?

Both of them are high quality and wear resistant products. High pressure laminate usually rated AC4 - AC5 and if you are looking for durability then it will be the best choice. Direct pressure laminate flooring is good for any residential use because of a wide variety of texture, colors and finishes are available.

There are three categories of laminate by the type of lock.

Glue free or click and lock planks together. Most of the products have this type of locking system. It is convenient and easy to install.

Factory pre-glued - glue is applied on every plank at the factory. Before installation check the guidelines because you might need to peel protective layer from edges and activate the glue.

Manually glued - installer has to apply glue on every plank manually. This was an old technique of installation. With improved glue free locking system manually glued products lost its popularity.

Underlayment plays a big role for the proper installation of laminate floor. There are two types of product to choose from.

Laminate floor without underlayment - installer should unroll and install underlayment prior to laying the floor.

Laminate floor with underlayment already attached to the laminate planks - all you have to do is click an lock pieces together.