Kitchen countertop installation cost


How much does it cost to install kitchen countertop?

Cost of kitchen countertop installation determined by number of factors and total expenses primary depend on certain materials prices per square foot and labor cost to complete the work. While calculating total expenditures for installing or replacing new kitchen countertop number of additional factors should be taken into account. Contractor will calculate the cost after in-home consultation, taking detailed measurements, analyzing work complexity and finalizing type of countertop material, color and edge profile. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with kitchen countertop fabrication, delivery and installation as well as materials expenses.

Estimating countertop installation cost

Kitchen countertops prices comparison materials-prices

Materials are an initial and the most significant expense which affect the total cost to get new countertop installed. Difference in price between cheapest options and the most expensive can easily exceed 500%. From the broad variety of choices laminate countertops is one of the most affordable product and definitely worth to consider for low budget renovation. Natural stone countertops more expensive, but because of its value and variety of colors available it is one of the most preferable material for high end kitchens.

There is always a price range for the same type of countertop materials depending on quality, grade and overall value. As an example, stainless steel is one of the most expensive products for countertop application, but difference in price between 18 gauge steel with standard satin finish and 12 gauge steel with custom made surface finish can be 20% – 50%. Same rule will apply to any product with no exclusions.

Determining labor cost for kitchen countertop installation labor-cost

Labor cost is a sum of charges for countertop fabrication, delivery and actual installation. Each and every contractor will price the work based of its difficulty and customization level. Prefabricated laminate countertop purchased at local home improvement retailer which requires three cuts and joining two seams will be estimated at significantly lower cost comparing to making pour-on-site concrete countertop with colored veins movement and sophisticated texture.

Prepare to pay additional fees for removal and disposal of old countertop. To generate more sales and attract customers some contractors won’t charge for undermount kitchen sink installation, but connecting drains, installing garbage disposal and kitchen faucet will be priced separately.

Shopping for kitchen countertop shopping

Affordability is very often a factor which impact the decision which countertop to buy. If you cannot invest much into kitchen remodeling shop for cheaper alternatives or imitations of real more valuable materials.

There are different places to shop for every individual countertop. The most popular material 3/4” or 1 1/4” thick granite exported from China, India, Brazil or Italy can be ordered from many home improvement retailers or local stone fabricator. Metal countertops including stainless steel, copper or zinc can be purchased and cut to size at metal shop. Skillful carpenter can build any type of wood or bamboo countertop.

Making simple cost comparison based on materials prices per square foot not counting labor expenses will not represent adequately the total cost of a new kitchen countertop installed.

Kitchen countertop cost comparison chart

Countertop material *Average cost of installation Cost in % **Price difference
Base price
Synthetic stone
Stainless steel

*Average cost of installation was determined as an average number between minimum and maximum price per square foot to get a new kitchen countertop installed including labor and materials. The data was analyzed based on hundreds of countertop installation projects completed, but on the national scale it is NOT enough to say the accuracy is high. Prices are approximate and cannot be considered as exact cost you should expect to pay for kitchen countertop. Depending on geographic location installers and fabricators will adjust the actual cost based on specific conditions.

**Price difference show how much you will save or how much more in % you should expect to pay for different types of kitchen countertops installation in comparison with a cost to install granite countertop.

Estimating installation time estimating-time

Installation of most countertops in 40 – 45 square foot L-shape kitchen with 14 – 16 sq. ft. kitchen island is a one day project. Exact number of hours will depend on labor availability and difficulty of work. Most contractors who specialize in kitchen countertops fabrication will schedule installation in 3 – 5 business days after taking measurements. But if the desire product is unavailable in stock and has to be purchased from distributor or directly from manufacturer the whole process will take much longer.

Unlike prefabricated countertops, installing tile, building concrete or wood counter on site will take a few days to complete the project.

Work complexity work-complexity

Many handy homeowners might consider cutting labor expenses and install kitchen countertop by self following step-by-step installation instruction. It is certainly doable project but evaluating the ability to complete the work successfully is essentially important. Stone countertops are extremely heavy, metal seams have to be welded, sanded and polished, even laminated or wood countertop improperly jointed can cause significant reduction in the lifespan.

Countertop is one of the main focal point of a whole kitchen and poor installation is unacceptable. sLocal fabricators, contractors and home improvement retailers who will guaranty the work quality offer a full service from getting measurements to installing a new kitchen counter.