Installing undercounter dishwasher


Undercounter 24” wide dishwashers are the most popular option in today’s kitchens. Drain pipe normally connected to kitchen sink drains with direct connect tailpiece or to garbage disposal. Hot water attached to copper pipes for kitchen faucet using Quick Tee Adapter or PEX water line using special connectors. While adding power line to a dishwasher always check local buildings codes or better consult with licensed electrician. Normally wiring should be performed with #12 AWG wire and the line should be on dedicated 20 Amp circuit breaker.

Typically dishwasher is fixed in place with screws through upper mounting brackets. If it is hard surface countertop installing special mounting bolts required and should be performed by countertop fabricator or installer. Oftentimes side mounting brackets are used and the dishwasher connected directly to kitchen cabinets from both sides.