Solid wood locking planks installed


Manchurian Walnut Prefinished Solid Hardwood

Price of hardwood: $3.99/sq. ft.

Extra materials expenses: $0.10 - $0.15/sq. ft.

Cost of installation: $1.19 - $1.35/sq. ft. (Excluding preparation and other extra work).

Total price: $5.28 - $5.49 + all applicable taxes

Manchurian Walnut hardwood floors with air-dried 48h finish. Handscraped surface with micro-beveled edge design finished in darker color creates great-looking style for any room in the house. Prefinished solid oak locking planks are 5/8 in. thick and 4-3/4 inches wide. Random length boards are very easy to put together without attaching the wood to subfloor. This floating floor could be a great do-it-yourself project while installing new of replacing existing floor covering material.

This solid hardwood floors may be installed over plywood or concrete subfloors. Before putting the planks foam underlayment should be installed. Over concrete subfloor or below grade install minimum 6 mm. plastic poly sheeting under the foam underlayment as moisture barrier.

Wood planks priced at $3,99 per square foot. Additional $0.10 - $0.15 per sq. ft. would be spent on all necessary materials to get floors installed including underlayment and moisture barrier seams tape. Cost to install floating wood planks start from $1.19 per square foot for basic work on larges size projects. Expect to spend $1,250 - $1,600 for installing this type of flooring in three bedrooms plus average size living room totaling 800 sq. ft. Old flooring materials removal, leveling subfloor and baseboards installation would be an extra charge and will be priced based on hourly rate of installer.