Installing Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

dutch lap siding installation

Price of siding: $0.75/sq. ft. ($5.89 for 4 in. x 150 in. panel)

Extra materials expenses: $0.26 - $0.45/sq. ft.

Cost of installation: $1.00 - $1.10/sq. ft. (Excluding preparation and other extra work).

Total price: $2.01 - $2.30 + all applicable taxes.

Basic 16 square ranch: $3,216 - $3,680

Installing double 4 in. x 150 in vinyl panels on simple ranch house. Dover Grey color perfectly matches to white plastic trims around windows. Concord 0.042 in, thick woodgrain siding is low maintenance and impact resistant product which withstand up to 193 miles per hour wind. Prior to siding installation house walls were protected by installing Kimberly-Clark Block-IT House wrap. It provides breathable barrier and keeps structure dry. Grip Fast .148 gauge 1-1/2 in. aluminum siding nails were used to install siding panels.

Each vinyl panel cost $5,89 or $0.75 per square foot. One 9’ x 75’ roll of house warp cost $79.99 or $0.12 per sq. ft. Adding materials includes $15.99 for each 5 outside corners, $10.19 for one inside corner, $95 for starting strips and nails for the whole project. Gross project expenses for materials were estimated at $1,840. Always remember price per square foot of siding is not an actual cost what homeowner will pay at the end. Sale tax, delivery and waste factor will increase overall materials price per square foot from 25% to 40%.

Labor cost for siding installation was priced at $105 per square. It includes Installation of house wrap, PVC trims around windows and doors, starter strips, outside and inside corners and j-channels. The whole project took 3 days to complete and was priced at $1,680 for 16 squares of siding installed. Additional $345 was charged for old aluminum siding removal.