Wall tile installation


Combination of two different colors and dimensions tile to create contemporary bathroom design. Smaller 3” x 6” brown tile installed vertically from both sides of the bathtub and corners. Larger 13” x 13” ceramic tile is filling middle wall section up to the bathroom ceiling. Much lighter in color squares in the center in contrast to darker sides visualized modern style. Professionally measured all tiles are installed without significant cuttings and only lower and upper pieces required minimal size adjustments.

3’ x 5’ 3/8” thickness cement backer boards were installed directly on studs using #9 x 1-1/4 in. serrated head star drive cement board screws. Wall tile was set on white thinset mortar. Tile Wedge spacers were used for alignment and 1/16 tombstone-style spacers for aligning joints. Smaller rectangle tile installed in brick basket pattern and liner grid pattern used for larger squares in the middle section.