Acacia solid hardwood installed


Burlywood Long Leaf Acacia Solid Hardwood

Price of hardwood: $3.86/sq. ft.

Additional materials expenses: $0.15 - $0.35/sq. ft.

Cost of installation: $2.70 - $2.90/sq. ft. (Excluding preparation and other extra work).

Total price: $6.71 - $7.11 + all applicable taxes

Prefinished solid hardwood flooring with distressed textured surface could be installed on or above the grade. Actual length of each plank varies from 12 in. to 48 in. with there-width variations – 2.25 in. / 3.5 in. / 4.75 in. This Long Leaf Acacia hardwood rated 1100 on Janka Scale of Hardness.

Affordable acacia solid hardwood flooring priced at $3.86 per sq. ft. Extra $0.15 - $0.30 expect to spend on additional materials to get this product installed. Depending on subfloor and type of installation moisture barrier or underlayment, nails/staples or glue must be purchased.

Do-it-yourself option greatly reduce overall cost to get the wood floors installed, but properly nailing/stapling or gluing random width planks together might be a challenging task for majority of homeowners with limited home renovation skills. In addition, improper installation will void any manufacturer warranty.

On average hardwood installer will charge $2.70 - $2.90 per square foot to get this type of flooring installed. Expect to pay $2,349 - $2,523 to nail down planks in three average size bedrooms and medium living room totaling 870 sq. ft. Subfloor preparation and baseboards installation is typically an extra charge and will greatly very depending on number of men-hours spent to complete the task. Smaller projects will be priced at higher rate per square foot. Installer’s fee for a single 156 sq. ft. room will range from $480 to $530 or $3.1 - $3.4 per sq. ft.