How long does it take to replace a toilet?

Estimated toilet replacement time

Toilet type
Average number of man-hours1
One-piece floor mount
1.5 - 2
Two-piece floor mount
2 - 2.5
Wall mount toilet2
2 - 3
Toilet and toilet flange replacement
3 - 4
Toilet flapper replacement
30 - 40 min
Toilet fill valve replacement
35 - 40 min

1 Average number of man-hours estimated as a total time necessary for removal existing and basic installation of a new pressure assist or dual flush toilet by an experienced installer.

If toilet flange replacement involves tile removal or opening ceiling under the toilet, total time will increase.

2 Number of man-hours for wall mount toilet replacement estimated as a time necessary for replacing a toilet bowl or “on wall mount toilet”. Replacement of a water tank inside the wall with minor plumbing work and fixing drywall might take up to 8 – 12 hours to complete the project.


Numbers of man-hours in the chart are accurate for standard toilet replacement, but every home improvement project is unique and if there is extra work associated with toilet installation has to be done, actual time might be extended.

Toilet type

Two-piece toilets have to be assembled prior to installations. It is typically less than 15 min task, but there is always a possibility that a gasket between the bowl and tank or tank bolts gaskets might not hold the water properly and cause leaking. Replacing defected gaskets consume an extra time.

Skills and experience

Plumber or experienced installer will always complete toilet replacement much faster compare to unskillful homeowners. For do it yourselfers simple toiler replacement might take 3 – 5 hours to perform the work.

Calculating replacement cost

Toilet replacement cost will be priced based on minimum charge defined by the installer. Many plumbers have standard fee for basic toilet installation and actual cost of labor will be adjusted based on difficulty of work. Contractor typically will estimate toilet replacement cost significantly cheaper if it is a part of complete bathroom renovation.