How long does it take to replace siding?

Estimated siding replacement time

Siding type Average replacement time1 Crew size2 Complexity3
Vinyl 3 - 4 4 1
Cedar shakes 4 - 5 5 4
Wood planks 3 - 5 5 3
Aluminum siding 3 - 4 4 3
Steel siding 3 - 5 4 3
Fiber cement 3 - 6 4 2
Stone veneer 4 - 7 6 5
Brick veneer 4 - 6 6 4

1 Average replacement time calculated as an approximate time in days necessary for a crew to remove existing and install 22 – 24 squares of new siding on two story 2,100 ft2 - 2,300 ft2 house. All numbers in the chart calculated based on standard siding installation and do not include any house structure repair work. Installation of gutters, downspouts, soffit and fascia will result in the total number of man-hours increase.

2 Size of the crew estimated as a total number of workers including experienced installers and an optimal number of helpers who will assist with the siding replacement project.

3 Work complexity estimated on the scale from 1 to 5 accounting vinyl panels installation as simplest task rated 1 on our scale and stone veneer replacement as the hardest project rated 5 on our scale.


There are no two exterior home improvement projects are equally the same and siding replacement is not an exception. Actual number of man-hours to tear off existing and put up a new siding can be accurately calculated only after analyzing all details. Type of siding alone cannot be taken as the only factor which affects siding replacement time. Installation of 5 squares of vinyl siding on straight wall with no obstacles will be completed much faster compare installation of 500 ft2 of same siding on 4 dormers.

Siding replacement cost determination

Labor cost to replace siding primary depends on the number of man-hours necessary to complete the work. Contractor is able to provide accurate quote for siding replacement only after on-site inspection and determining difficulty of work.

Replace siding by self or hire an experienced contractor

Removal old and installation of new vinyl siding on one story house can be certainly done by handy homeowners with basic construction skills. For complex installation of stone veneer on two or three story house it might be better to hire and experienced crew. Even though it might seems like siding replacement is not a hard task installation should be done properly. Poor installed siding can cause leaking and damaging the whole house structure. In addition, even quality materials won’t last long if installed inadequately.