How long does it take to replace a roof?

Estimated roof replacement time

Roofing materials type
Average replacement time1
Crew size2
Asphalt shingles
1 - 2
Natural slate
4 - 5
Synthetic slate
3 - 5
Wood shakes
3 - 4
Steel sheets
3 - 4
Concrete tile
5 - 7
Flat roof4 2 - 3 4 2

1 Average replacement time calculated as an approximate time in days for a professional roofing crew to remove old and install 35 – 40 squares of new roofing materials on simple gable or hip roof with up to 8/12 pitch. All numbers in the chart were calculated based on standard installation and do not include any roof repair work. Replacement rotten wood, rafters reinforcement, installation of soffit, fascia and gutters will lead to a total number of man-hours increase.

2 Size of the crew performing the project estimated as a total number of workers including experienced roofers and optimal number of helpers who will assist with roof replacement.

3 Work complexity estimated on the scale from 1 to 5 accounting asphalt shingles installation as simplest task rated 1 on our scale and concrete tile roof installation as a hardest project rated 5 on our scale.

4 Flat roofs replacement time calculated based on removal and installation of new modified bitumen, EPDM rubber or TPO membranes.


There are many factors affect actual time necessary for roof replacement and total number of man-hours can be accurately estimated only after analyzing all details. There is no equation can be made to all projects simply accounting roof size. Tearing off 1 layer of asphalt shingles on 2,100 ft2 one story house will be completed much faster compare to removing three layers of shingles on 3,900 ft2 3 story house, even though, actual roof square footage will be identical.

Total replacement time can be easily manipulated by the crew size. By involving more man power a particular project can be completed faster if urgency arises.

Roof replacement cost determination

Labor cost to replace a roof primary depends on a total number of man-hours necessary for performing the task. The longer project will last the higher charge for replacement will be. Every roof is different and quote for certain roof replacement can be issued only after on-site roof inspection.

Do it yourself roof replacement

There is very low percentage of homeowners are able to replace a roof as do it yourself project. In addition, installation of some roofing materials such as natural slate or concrete tiles goes way beyond the area of expertise even for handy homeowners who are able to put architectural shingles on a low slope roof.