How long does it take to paint a room?

Estimating the time necessary to paint a room

How fast certain room can be painted depend on multiple factors. There are many aspects should be analyzed before defining the number of man-hours necessary to paint particular room in the house.

Project size

It is obvious that 10’ x 10’ bedroom will be painted much faster compare to painting 20’ x 20’ living room under the same conditions. But always take into account one of the most essential aspects: if the only one room in the house has to be painted, it will take longer per room to complete smaller project compare to painting 3 – 4 same dimensions rooms at a time.

Surface condition

If ceiling or walls have to be repaired prior to paint application preparation work might actually consume more time that actual painting process. In addition, depending on damage, there is always drying time for particular joint compound which might vary from 10 min to over two hours.

Number of paint coats

On repainting projects or primed surfaces normally two color paint coats should be applied on walls and one on ceiling. Preparation work, including covering floors or even some furniture as well as first coat of paint application consume more time than any additional coat of paint application. Actual time cannot be prorated depending on a number of paint coats applied, but it is still longer to paint walls in the room twice compare to a single time.

Work complexity

Painting coffered, cathedral, vaulted, or tray ceilings might be an extremely time consuming and costly task. There is no exact time for completing custom complex painting project can be defined. In many cases smaller, but with multiple custom element area might take longer to paint compare to flat wall with no obstacles.

Skills and experience

Professional painter does not waste time ineffectively and always bring efficiency to maximum. It is not a big secret that most of homeowners are able to paint bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, but cutting lines straight and rolling eggshell or semi-gloss paint on walls and ceiling might easily takes twice longer compare to the time will be spent by an experienced painter on the same painting project.

Additional considerations

Drying time of paint is not less important aspect as paint application itself. In well ventilated rooms with 40 – 45% of relative humidity level and 68 – 72 F° air temperature, second coat of water based paint often can be applied on fresh painted walls in less than 1.5 hour. In a house with poor ventilation, high humidity level and with cold air temperature drying time for each coat of paint might be extended to 3 – 5 hours.

How many rooms on average in the house can be painted by one painter a day?

Typically experienced painter able to apply one coat of paint on ceiling and two coats of paint on walls in couple standard up to 14’ x 14’ rooms within 8 – 9 hours if there is no painting surface preparation work involved. Painting trims, 3 – 4 windows and doors in two rooms normally takes one day.