How long does it take to install kitchen backsplash?


Estimating kitchen backsplash installation time

Actual time to install a kitchen backsplash determined by a number of factors, and accurate number of man-hours for completing the project can be estimated only after analyzing difficulty of work. On average, an experienced tile setter is able to install 35 – 40 square feet of natural stone or glass mosaic tile set on 12” x 12” mesh for 5 – 6 hours. Additional couple hours will be necessary for grout application and cleaning the job site. But complex backsplash installation with incorporation of different types of tile and creating unique design could be a very time consuming project which might last a few days to complete.

Existing backsplash condition

Most of backsplash materials can be installed directly on top of painted wall and there are no extra work needed if wall surface area between countertop and kitchen cabinets in good condition. But if drywall is damaged or old backsplash should be removed preparation work will result in total number of man-hours increase.

Backsplash type

Straight installation of 16” x 16” porcelain or ceramic tile on backsplash is a very simple task and even 50 ft2 backsplash could be done in less than five hours. At the same time, setting 4” x 4” slate tile on mortar with placing tiny 1” x 1” glass mosaic pieces or narrow strips in between every other row might take a few times longer.

There are dozens different materials from copper and stainless steel sheets to solid polished granite slabs and laminated MDF panels could be installed on a kitchen backsplashes. Some materials are easy and faster to install while some might take longer time. Solid natural stone backsplash could be installed in less than one hour by an experienced crew, but fabrication could take 2 – 3 days not accounting extra man-hours for getting measurement and delivery.

Project size

It is very uncommon that basic installation of 30 square feet marble tile backsplash will last longer than one day. But 8 hours might be insufficient time for a single tile setter to complete installation of 6” x 6” travertine tile and apply grout on over 55 ft2 backsplash.

Customization and cost determination

Backsplash in combination with countertop and cabinets is a face of a whole kitchen. For that reason many homeowners might prefer to customize backsplash design based on own taste and preference. Always take into account that customization will always lead to on-site work time increase and result in higher installation fees. Creating an art on a kitchen backsplash might be an extremely costly and time consuming project.