How long does porcelain tile last?

Porcelain tile is one of the long lasting floors and walls covering material not only in residential but commercial properties as well. Quality glazed porcelain tile with PEI 4 or 5 might last for a lifetime if install properly. But it doesn’t mean all porcelain tile have such a long lifespan. Not durable enough products might be worn out and lose appearance in heavy traffic areas much sooner and have to be replaced in 15 – 20 years. There are always numbers of factors which will determine how long porcelain tile will last.


Improperly installed tile will significantly reduce its lifespan. While performing installation by self all the manufacturer instructions should be followed. Special attention should be given to a subfloor preparation and backer boards installation procedures. In majority of cases porcelain tile have to be replaced sooner as it’s supposed to be because of poor completed work at a job site. Professional installation of tile will ensure its long lasting performance.

Maintenance and repair

Porcelain tile doesn’t require special maintenance. Technically, properly installed with superior glazed wearing layer porcelain is maintenance free and suitable not only for indoor, but for outdoor applications as well. Unglazed tile will require periodical sealer application. Broken by a heavy dropped object tile can be replaced professionally without impacting the whole floor or wall. But separation of tiles from walls or subfloor will clearly indicate a poor initial installation and will cause not only spending extra time on fixing particular parts, but the whole work has to be redone the right way that might be extremely costly but the only solution to fixing the problem.

Grout longevity

Grout plays a vital role in the overall appearance of tile once it’s installed. Even though glazed porcelain is non porous materials and does not have an ability to absorb water or other liquids, grout has different properties and should be sealed periodically in order to protect the surface and increase the longevity. It might be very time consuming process to clean all seams between tile in order to get rid of dirty grout and apply a new one.

Manufacturer and installation warranties

Manufacturer warranty will cover the tile only for a certain period of time. Coverage might vary from 10 years to lifetime and will ensure that properly installed porcelain tile won’t change the structure and preserve wearing ability for a time of coverage under certain condition. Manufacturer warranty has nothing to do with improper installation. Contractor who will lay tile should guaranty the work. Depending on who will be hired, warranty on porcelain tile installation might vary from a few months to a few years.

While shopping for a new porcelain tile always choose right product. Some tile suitable for walls application only, other can be used as flooring covering as well. Porcelain tile with highest durability rating can be installed not only in residential and commercial but also in industrial building and easily withstand extremely heavy traffic for decades.

High quality properly installed porcelain tile will be a perfect option for any home design with no worries about frequent replacement or repair.