How long does it take to replace kitchen cabinets?

The time necessary to replace kitchen cabinets will depend on number of factors including work complexity, man power availability, type and quantity of kitchen cabinets. Standard replacement of 19 – 21 stock wall and base cabinets might be completed in one work day by a crew of 3 – 4 carpenters. But if additional work will be involved or the whole kitchen layout will be changed more man-hours might be necessary. Very often replacing cabinets is just one task of a partial or complete kitchen renovation project and it can be hard to separate work with countertop, sink, or appliances by hours and simply estimate the time for kitchen cabinets replacement.


If everything go out straight to garbage typically 9 – 12 man hours will be sufficient for demolishing standard up to 10 x 10 feet kitchen. Much more time will be required if kitchen countertop has to be reinstalled. Normally no one give a warranty on such work because countertops not designed for reinstallation purpose and can be easily damaged during even very careful demolishing process. But if a homeowner still wants to give a try it might be a time consuming process.

Kitchen cabinets installation

17 – 23 man-hours will be necessary for installation of stock wall and base cabinets including standard hardware and assuming new cabinets same sizes as old one will be placed same way as before demolishing. Custom work will take longer to complete and will lead not only to increasing the time, but the cost of kitchen cabinets installation will be higher as well. Stylish crown molting work or installation of multiple electric outlets inside cabinets will consume more time.

Additional considerations

Only kitchen cabinets installation is a way far from making the whole kitchen a fully functional again. Even if a carpenter disconnects all appliances, sink and remove a counter before installing the cabinets it doesn’t mean all appliances and fixtures will be placed back at no charge assuming it is a part of cabinets replacement work. Everything will be estimated separately not only as extra time spend but as additional labor expenses as well.

On average, standard kitchen cabinets installation, while performing complete kitchen remodeling project, will consume about 30% – 40% of a total time, another 5% – 7% might be necessary for demolishing. On the partial kitchen remodeling time proportions will be different, but still even with minimum work involved 15 – 25 man-hours might be necessary for laminate countertop installation, kitchen sink, connecting appliances, minor fixing and painting walls.

Consider the fact every renovation project is unique and kitchen cabinets replacement is not an exception. While stock cabinets might be installed in a day custom cabinets installation is more precise work and more time will be necessary for completing such project. Also hiring a professional installer will save a time and typically work will be done faster. But cutting the labor expenses some handy homeowners might use a few days spare time and perform installation by self even though it might be messy around the house much longer.