How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

How much time will be necessary to remodel a kitchen will depend on what has to be done and the work organization. Less work means less time required for completion of the project. Replace a counter and change flooring in the kitchen area might take 2 – 3 days, but complete remodeling of 10’ x 10’ kitchen including tearing everything down and changing kitchen layout might last for 2 – 3 weeks. Typically two people will spend one day for demolishing and cleaning all the garbage. Minor framing work should be completed in a few hours, but it might take much longer if replacing a subfloor or building new walls will be necessary.

If the sink will stay at the same place plumbing usually will not consume much time. Rough in electrical typically will take another day, but actual man - hours might vary significantly. Minor outlets and switches replacement will be performed by an electrician alone. On the other hand, adding multiple recessed lights, putting new 220 volt line to the oven, or major rewiring might require three people working a whole day. Also kitchen is very often a place for sophisticated and stylish under cabinet light fixtures and these will definitely increase the amount of man-hours.

In many cases one day will be enough time for insulation, drywall work and preparation for flooring materials and cabinets installation. Tile settler will spend a day to put 100 – 120 square feet of 12” x 12” ceramic or porcelain tile on the floor. Next day couple extra hours will be devoted to grout application. Prefinished hardwood flooring or laminate is a few hours of work for two people. Unfinished hardwood will require drying time between finish or stain applications.

Installation of 19 – 22 standard wall and base kitchen cabinets might require 8 – 12 hours for two carpenters, but customization and stylish molding work will lead to significant increase in time. There is always another day or two for putting kitchen cabinets hardware, countertop installation, connecting sink and faucet, painting, hanging light fixture and all the touch ups. Fully integrated kitchen appliances alone might take 6 – 7 hours to install. Complete kitchen renovation is a complex step by step process and only wise planning ahead will save your time.

Contractor will estimate the total amount of work hours only after in home inspection and analyzing all the details bases on kitchen size, layout and what has to be done. Single kitchen remodeling while rest of the house should stay 100% functional with minimal impact and destructions might increase the total time required for performing the renovation.

In most cases, one contractor with his crew will perform the work much faster comparing with hiring different installers for a separate parts of renovation project. It might not be a case if homeowner very familiar with all the aspects of construction and able to organize the work in timely efficient way. Also before starting tearing everything down make sure you have all materials and fixtures. Many products might not be available in stock and waiting for a custom order might cause a significant delay and slow down the whole kitchen remodeling.