How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

The total time require to remodel a bathroom will depend on what will be involved and how deep remodeling project will go. Simple rejuvenation of 6’ x 8’ full bathroom with no plumbing or tile work involved might be performed in a couple days, but complete remodeling with tearing everything to the studs and moving walls to increase the space might take as long as 2 – 3 weeks for a crew of four.

Typically three people will need a day for complete demolishing work including removing everything to the wall studs and cleaning all the garbage in up to 70 sq. ft. bathroom. But time might be extended if tile from the floor won’t go that easy, moving garbage involves, using long stairs or if some other extra work will be required. Minor framing work should be done in a few hours, but reframing or building new walls as well as replacing plywood on a subfloor will consume much more time.

Standard plumbing and electricity work will take another day, but actual amount of man-hours will vary significantly depending on work complexity. Typically if no major repiping as well replacing toilet and bathroom or shower drains required a plumber should be able to complete rough in plumbing and install a bathtub in one workday.

Two people will spend around 7 – 8 hours for insulation, drywall (including mudding, sanding and priming) and backer boards for tile installation. Time spend for tiling will depend on a type of tile and a desired design. 50 square feet of 12” x 12” ceramic on the floor and 130 – 140 sq. ft. standard strait layout on the walls including grout application might be completed in two days by a tile settler with a helper. But creating a custom design with incorporating different types and sizes of tile might double or even triple total amount of work hours. Installation of all bathroom fixtures including vanity, vanity top, faucets, medicine cabinet, mirrors, and toilet as well as all light fixtures might require a full day for 2 – 3 installers to complete all installation part. But still, all will depend on what has to be installed. For example, a simple standard shower door is much easier and a less time consuming process to install comparing to a premium custom made ½” thick glass door.

Replacing bathroom window or door, finish carpentry, painting, touch ups and all minor work also will take some time. Complete bathroom renovation is a complex project and before analyzing all details it is impossible to make an accurate prediction and answer the question how long does it take to perform the work. Calculating the total man - hours and estimating the optimal numbers of people who can work in the bathroom at a time are the factors of determination a total time necessary to complete such home improvement.

Always consider the fact: custom higher standards work will take longer to perform or will require more manpower and will have a direct impact on labor expenses while calculating the cost of bathroom remodeling.

Usually the time will be shorter if the whole house under construction, but if the work will be only in one bath while the rest of the house have to stay completely functional with no distractions and minimal disturbance because homeowners stay home the renovation project might last longer. Hiring a contractor only for the labor part make sure you have all materials and fixtures ready before actual work begins. Waiting for special orders will slow down the whole bathroom remodeling process.