How long does it take to paint house interior?

Time necessary to paint a house will be determined by numbers of different factors. Size of a home, man power available, work complexity and organization are essentially important to take into consideration while estimating the time for completion the project. Simple repainting ceiling and walls in a up to 1,900 square feet three bedroom house with minimum preparation work involved might be completed in about 4 days by a crew of 3 painters. Couple days will be spent on painting windows, doors and moldings. But it doesn’t mean all work cannot be done faster. Any standard house can be refreshed with a new paint application in 2 – 3 work days with sufficient man power. At the same time, high end custom work much more time consuming process and will take longer to complete.

New construction or renovation

Painting ceiling and walls in a new house or home addition typically doesn’t take that long as repainting older ones which very often will have some damages and should be fixed first. Trims, doors and windows usually will be repainted faster in existing homes because new woodwork will require caulking and patching all holes after finish nail gun prior to painting what is not a case while repainting.

Number of colors and type of paint

Standard work will often assume application of one coat of white paint on ceiling and two coats of colored paint on walls. Painting walls within one room in different colors or application a few colors of paint on the same wall for creating a very unique design, will lead to significant increase in time and the whole project might take longer to complete. Very often dark colors especially red have to be applied three or even four times on the same wall.

Paint application and quality of work

Using brush and roller is typical for most interior painting projects. It might be the best solution for walls in any case, but spray application of paint on trims, doors and moldings very often is only acceptable quality in custom high end homes. Typically such work will require much more man-hours and preparation should be done much more carefully.

Do it yourself or hire a professional painter

Painting is one of the simplest house rejuvenation projects which can be easily done by a homeowner in spare time. Ceiling and walls in standard 12’ x 12’ room can be painted in 5 – 6 hours by self assuming walls are in a good condition and will require two coats of flat paint application. Another 2 – 3 hours might be necessary for baseboards, doors and windows. Decreasing the cost to paint a house by cutting labor expenses and do it yourself is definitely an option worth to consider on a low budget. One work day or about 8 hours will be sufficient for professional painter for completing walls and ceiling in two rooms. Hiring an experience painter will save time and it might be a good idea for a higher standards and quality painting projects.