How long does it take to build a garage?

Time require to build a garage will depend on how well the whole construction process will be organized. Simple free standing 230 – 250 square feet two car garage can be completed in 2 days after concrete slab cure. But complex work including extensive excavation because of high slope relief or just much more complicated design might require more man-hours and might increase the total time of construction.

Typically garage is one of the simplest structures, but because specific properties of some materials it is very often require some time before next step can be performed. Pouring concrete slab doesn’t take long, but because of curing time require, framing cannot be started at the same day, and depending on its thickness, outside temperature and humidity extensive work on the concrete can start in 48 – 72 hours, but in many cases even 4 - 5 days will be necessary. It is definitely an option to use products with a shorted curing time, but many contractors will avoid such decision because materials expenses might go up.

After slab is ready, a crew of 4 - 5 people usually will be able to complete the rough framing in one work day. If the time really limited exterior finishing and roofing might starts at the same day, but it is not very typical. Second day, in most cases, for garage or other entrance door installation, windows, electrical work, siding and roofing materials installation. Finishing the walls inside with a drywall and painting will take another day, but because of drying time require for gypsum boards joint compounds as well as for paint, same amount of man - hours might be split between two days.

Type of a garage will affect the time to build it as well. Building a detached garage with brick or stone walls and concrete tile roof for matching with exterior house design might take longer in comparison with a standard free standing option. Also building a structure not only for keeping a car, but as a workspace with a mechanism for lifting a vehicle or heating system installation in the garage will additionally increase the time to complete the work.

On site work is counted not only time spent, but permits and inspection is another part of a whole construction process. All the required paperwork will depend on the local building codes. Contractor should know all the requirements and time frames, but if you are planning to be your own contractor prepare to spend some extra time for all necessary paperwork.

While estimating the total time necessary to build a free standing or attached garage size and complexity are not only factors should be taken into consideration. Insufficient man power or poor organized work might lead to significant delays and turn into a long lasting project.

Improved technology and better materials availability allow reducing the building time to the minimum. Technically simple one car garage can be completed in 16 – 18 hours, but practically no one pushing the work that fast because with only speed in mind the cost to build a garage will rise as well.