How long does it take to build a deck?


Time necessary to build a deck will be determined by dozens of factors including type, size, decking materials used and work organization. Simple up to 1,200 square feet treated pine rooftop deck on 2 x 4 joists can be build in couple days by crew of three carpenters. Extra time might be necessary for transporting all the materials on a roof. It will be done much faster if it is a possibility to use a crane, extended reach forklift or other special machinery. Building deck from the ground will consume much more man-hours. But still, any type of a deck might be completed in up to four days with sufficient manpower and good organization.

Materials matter

Using different types of decking will affect not only the cost to build a deck but the time required to perform the work. Some materials tend to be much harder to work with meaning increase in man – hours. Quality expensive decking including exotic wood such as teak or ipe will require pre-drilling each and every single whole for screws because of very dense wood structure. Composite decking including Trex and Verdana much heavier than cedar or pine and more man-power will be involve while working with such materials. Welding steel or other metal deck will increase the time consumption significantly.

Design factor

Customization is unpredictable and while standard deck construction assume minimum complications involved there are never limits when it comes to stylish design. Same size decks might require different amount of time because building one can be a much more complex and precise task. Constructing ground level deck will involved excavating and some concrete or foundation work. These might take another day plus waiting time while cement will cure.

Building custom stairs and stylish railing or covering deck with a roof is a far away from simple standard work and typically more time or man hours will be necessary to complete such project.

Organization and time frame requirements

For decreasing the time it is a good idea to hire a professional contractor for the project who will explain what a realistic time will be necessary to build a certain deck. Theoretically any type and complexity deck can be build in about 2 days or even faster, but practically it is a good time frame for simple work and custom decks will usually take longer to complete. Man-power availability is more important factor in time determination and it is obvious more people will finish the project faster in case of equally efficient organization.

While hiring a contractor will save time, building a deck by self will minimize labor cost and some homeowners might consider spending a few hours a day on such home improvement project. There are definitely will be no time defined how long it will last because all will depend on homeowner ability to manage such work.

Also before you begin check for all require permits you might need to obtain for building a deck.