How long do laminate floors last?

Longevity of laminate flooring will depend on combination of factors. Some low quality poor installed products might have to be replaced in 8 – 10 years. At the same time another laminate can be a perfect flooring covering material for 25 – 30 years or even more.

Choose appropriate material

AC rating or abrasion class will determine how durable the laminate flooring is. Even though AC1 or AC2 still possible to install in low traffic areas it is better to go with at least AC3 to make sure finishing layer will be durable enough and last longer.


Not all laminate made equally the same. Laminate flooring producers offer materials for any budget and needs. Some premium highest quality laminate flooring might be under manufacturer warranty for 50 years and, most likely, shouldn’t have any problems during this period if installed and maintained properly. Another, very often, budged option flooring will last significantly shorter time and might be covered by warranty for 15 or 20 years.

Due to variety of materials coming from all over the word some products might be a very poor quality or even have manufacturer defects. Very often low quality materials will have not only cheap appearance but much shorter lifespan. Laminate flooring locks might not hold planks as it supposed to be causing their separation or not durable wearing layer might lose the appearance very soon after installation.

While shopping for a new laminate flooring always make sure what you are buying and how long flooring will be covered by warranty.


Floating laminate is one of the easiest flooring options to install. It can be easily done as do it yourself project, but all manufacturer installation instructions should be followed with no exceptions. Special attention should be paying while installing laminate flooring in the rooms or part of a house with potentially higher moisture level. Improperly installed flooring might cause not only decreasing in its lifespan, but may be a subject of voiding manufacturer warranty. Hiring professional installer might significantly reduce the possibility of poor installation.

Care and maintenance

Adequate care and maintenance are extremely important factors in preserving and even possible extending the longevity of laminate floors. Regular cleaning necessary and has to be performed periodically. Especial attention has to be given to the floors which installed in the kitchen or bathroom. Even though laminate is moisture resistant flooring covering, long staying water on its surface might get to the wood core causing the damage.

Laminate flooring cannot be refinished and once the top layer worn out the whole floor has to be reinstalled using new materials. But partial repair might be possible to perform. Severely damaged plank can be replaced with extreme care and professionalism avoiding costly floor replacement.

Comparing to other flooring options laminate has a significantly shorter life expectancy than natural floor coverings like stone tile or hardwood flooring, but because of the lower cost it might be one of the best solutions for many homeowners.