Interior doors sizes

What is a standard interior door size?
Standard door sizes are a regular door dimensions available from door manufacturers or suppliers. Door retailors have standard door products in stock based on a regular inventory and you can buy it from the store shelf.

Summary of standard door sizes

Pre-hung doors dimensions chart
Bi-fold doors dimensions chart
Pocket doors dimensions chart

Pre-hung doors
Bi-fold doors
Pocket doors
Width (W)
Height (H)
Single door (W)
Double door (W)
Width (W)
1'-6" (18"W)
6'-8" (80"H)
1'-6" (18"W)
2 x 1'-6" (36"W)
2'-0" (24"W)
1'-8" (20"W)
7'-0" (84"H)
1'-10" (22"W)
2 x 1'-10" (44"W)
2'-2" (26"W)
1'-10" (22"W)
8'-0" (96"H)
2'-0" (24"W)
2 x 2'-0" (48"W)
2'-4" (28"W)
2'-0" (24"W)
2'-4" (28"W)
2 x 2'-4" (56"W)
2'-6" (30"W)
2'-2" (26"W)
2'-6" (30"W)
2 x 2'-6" (60"W)
2'-8" (32"W)
2'-4" (28"W)
2'-8" (32"W)
2 x 2'-8" (64"W)
3'-0" (36"W)
2'-6" (30"W)
3'-0" (36"W)
2 x 3'-0" (72"W)
4'-0" (48"W)
2'-8" (32"W)
2'-10" (34"W)
3'-0" (36"W)

Door heights standard for any type of door, but some door manufacturers produce bi-fold doors which are 77” or 79” when measure actual door slab and it is usually refer to 78” and 80” door heights.

What is a rough door opening RO?
Rough opening is a space left after rough framing to fit a new door in. Depending on a door size it will vary and will be a few inches bigger than a door size.

Pre-hung doors sizes

Why we are shopping for standard sizes of doors?
Besides its availability cost to install a doors in standard sizes are much cheaper in comparison with a custom or irregular door sizes. It is no ordering require because advantages of stock availability.

How to measure a door size?
In specifications usually two numbers – width (W), and heights (H). Door size 30”x80” means 2 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 8 inches high.

What is a standard thickness of a door?
Actual door slab for pre-hung door comes in two different thickness sizes – 1 3⁄8 and 1 3⁄4 of an inch. But 1 3⁄8 is more common for an interior pre-hung door.

What is a standard door jamb size?
The width of a regular pre-hung door will be determined by the thickness of the wall. Usually interior walls are made from 2x4 studs which have dimensions 1 ½ x 3 ½ of an inch + ½ inch drywall from both sides what comes total of 3 ½ + (2x½) = 4 ½and that is in practice. Most manufacturers produce their standard jamb width 4 9⁄16 of an inch. If the wall made of 2x6 (1 ½ x 5 ½ actual dimensions) it is possible to find a door with a 6 9⁄16 width of door jamb.

Rough door openings sizes for pre-hung door.
Most door openings in newer houses are made standard sizes, and if you replacing an old door the opening already made to fit a new door in. In older houses door opening might be not a regular dimension, and require reframing or ordering a custom size door. For pre-hung interior doors opening has to be door width + 2”, and door heights + 2.5”.

Bi-fold doors sizes

One bi-fold door consist two door slabs equal in size. For example 24”W door has two 12”W door slabs connected on the hinges. It is possible to install one door into opening or two doors which will double the size.

How to measure rough opening for bi-fold doors?
For bi-fold doors finish opening is crucial factor and has to be the size of a door in width. If it is reframing plan what will go on a door sides – if it is a drywall add its thickness from both sides, if a wood boards add the thickness of wood boards + the width of a door.

Pocket doors sizes

Pocket doors are “hiding” in to the wall and before installation you have to make sure it are enough space in the wall and no electrical or water pipes as well as any other obstacles in the wall.

Rough opening size for pocket door.
Usually rough opening size for a pocket door will be two time the door width plus 1 inch. For the height you have to add 4 – 4 ½ inches (from the finished floor – not from the subfloor) to the actual door height to fit the door mechanism from the top.

Standard door sizes in metric system.
It is really easy to convert the door sizes in metric dimensions using simple math formula, but we are primary concentrate on US construction industry, which using an imperial measuring system. For general knowledge in metric door will range from 525 mm to 1200 mm in width and 1980 mm – 2040 mm in height.

Custom doors sizes.

There are no limitations in sizes when it comes to the custom doors. Door manufacturers can make a custom door exact size which is require.

Before planning on installation any type of a door read manufacturer sizes specification. There are some standard door sizes are defined, but if you thinking about particular product get and information from door distributor before making a rough opening for a new door.