Water heater sizes

Standard water heated dimensions

Measurement of a water heater is not a factor which determine its practical use and suitability in particular applications. Every manufacturer define its own specification based on the amount of water can be heated in certain period of time and type of the water heater.

Tank gas water heater sizes chart

Tank capacity (gallons/liters)
Dimensions (in./cm.)
Max. Temperature (F/C)
Weight (lbs/kg)
30, 40, 50, 75, 100
16 - 25
30 - 70
140 - 150
75 - 160
30,000 - 100,000
114, 151, 189, 284, 379
41 - 64
76 - 178
60 - 66
34 - 73

Numbers in the chart are typical specifications of storage tank gas water heaters. First row shows the measurements in imperial units, second row is a conversion to metric system.

Typical electric tank water heater sizes

Tank electric water heaters are similar to dimensions of tank gas water heaters. But instead of natural gas or propane they use electricity as a source of energy.

Thankless water heater dimensions.

Unlike tank heaters tankless water heaters do not store large amount of water inside and they normally significantly smaller and weight less. Actual dimensions of gas or electric tankless water heaters might vary from 8 in. to 11 in. (20 cm. – 28 cm.) in depth; from 13 to 24 inches (28 – 61 centimeters) in width and from 14 to 30 inches (36 – 76 cm.) in height with 3.5 – 7.4 gallons per minute flow rate.

Tankless water heaters normally 15% - 25% more energy efficient in comparison to storage tank, but installation cost typically higher.

Solar water heaters have two main components: water heater tank which looks similar to a regular gas or electric tank water heater and solar panels which will generate energy for heating the water. Solar water heaters certainly have numbers of benefits, but the initial cost of such option is much higher compare to conventional water heaters.

Choosing right water heater

Amount of water which can be heated by particular water heater in certain period of time is the main factor to consider while choosing the proper tankless water heater for your house. Tank units do not heat constantly flowing water, but use energy to heat water in tank. There is recommended storage tank capacity based on a number of people living in the house. Gas or electric water heaters with 40 or 50 gallons tank capacity are the most popular and sufficient enough for installation in 1,800 – 2,100 ft2 single family houses with 3 – 5 people. Large families might need to choose 80+ gallons tank water heater.

Always take into account that most of electric water heaters require 240 volt electric connection.

Hybrid electric or gas water heaters which combine technologies of simple tank and tankless water heating system are extremely energy efficient, but conventional tank water heaters significantly cheaper compare to hybrids.