travertine tile countertop

There are different types of kitchen countertops based on materials used. Some of them are expensive and require skills and experience to install, some cheaper and can be installed as do it yourself project. While shopping for a new kitchen countertop homeowners have always remembered that countertop should always match with cabinets. Only proper combination of these two will bring to your kitchen unique and enjoyable look for a long time.

Also there are few things better to consider before making a final decision. Materials for countertops have different properties such as stain, heat or water resistance, and they have different hardness to withstand impacts. If the countertop will be a heavy traffic area with a possibility of damaging by knifes or hot pans – choose heat resistant and hard materials such as granite. Of course budget is the first, and not everyone can afford to invest a lot into countertop, but wise planning from the beginning will definitely pay off in a long run.

Some of the countertops such as granite or laminate are available in hundreds of colors and sometimes it is hard to make right selection. During shopping take out one of the door from kitchen cabinets and bring it to the warehouse where you can see how it will match with an actual color of a future countertop. Take some samples to your house and compare them as well.

With a variety of materials used for kitchen countertops comes an endless possibility in design. Concrete countertops can be made in any shape, granite can be cut from slab by any size, and even stainless steel countertop can be different colors. There are also different types of finishes to choose from. Some countertops such as laminate can be easily refaced instead of replacement and it is possible to do yourself without hiring a contractor. On the other hand, granite or any other types of a natural stone countertop require professional installation.

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