Corian countertops

Corian countertops are manmade product created by American company DuPont. The material itself is a composition of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. In other worlds, it is a solid surface plastic that can be pigmented in any color. There are more than hundred colors and three types of finishes - matte/satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss are available with new ones adding almost every year. It can imitate solid surface natural stone countertops such as granite or marble.

Corian can be manufactured in large sheets and installed without any seams, but even if seams are unavoidable they will be almost invisible with a professional installation. It is possible to do any shapes and edges design. Corian can be carved or routed and sinks can be seamlessly joined beneath countertop to make a unique look to any kitchen.

Because this material is non-porous it is stain resistant and easy to clean. Corian countertop should not be used as cutting surface as it can be damaged with sharp objects as a knife, but minor scratches can be sanded and eliminated. It is long-lasting and durable synthetic material, however it is not heat resistant and can be easily damaged with a hot pan.