Cork flooring cost

2020 Cork floors cost calculator - cork flooring installation prices estimator

Before using calculator read about remodeling costs and estimating labor expenses

Cork floors installation cost and cork flooring prices for projects over 600 square feet of cork flooring installed. Determination of total cost to get cork floors installed based on price of cork flooring per square foot, additional materials expenses and cost of labor.

Input parameters
Area dimensions1
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5
Area width W (feet)
Area length L (feet)
Labor expenses2
Installation method
Cork flooring type
Old flooring removal
Old flooring disposal
Subfloor preparation
Baseboards installation (Ln. Ft.)
Shoe base installation (Ln. Ft.)
Installation of cork flooring on stairs
# of up to 36" wide steps
# of 36 1/4" - 48" wide steps
# of angle steps
Steps preparation
Choose materials3
Cork flooring material
Shoe base
Materials for stairs
New plywood


Computed parameters
Project summary4
Total area
Sq. Ft.
Amount of cork flooring to purchase
Sq. Ft.
Estimated time to complete the project
Estimated expenses5
Total cost of labor
Cost of materials
Total cost to get cork floors installed
Cost comparison6
DIY installation cost
Cost to hire a contractor
DIY savings

By default, cork flooring cost calculator estimates labor fees and materials expenses to install natural prefinished floating cork flooring tiles in three average size bedrooms and a living room. Basic cork floors installation with no subfloor preparation or shoe base installation was taken into account while estimating labor charges. Based on certain room dimensions and work scope to perform homeowners can easily adjust all input parameters and estimate total cost of materials and labor fees to install cork floors.

1 Cork floors installation areas measurements must be entered as real numbers which are bigger than 0 (zero) for specific value or equal to zero for no value parameters. Inches values should be entered as real number means 3 inches = 0.25 feet; 6” = 0.5’; 9” = 0.75’ and so on.

2 Labor expenses will be estimated based on per square foot fees to install cork floors depending on type of cork flooring, installation method and additional charges for preparation work, baseboards, shoe base installation and installing cork floor on stairs.

3 Cost of materials will be estimated as a separate charge. Materials expenses are optional fees for certain products and will be applied only in case contractor will price the work including labor charges and cost of particular cork flooring, baseboards, quarter round molding, stair threads, risers and plywood if necessary.

4 Cork flooring cost calculator computes total installation area in square feet, amount of cork flooring to purchase accounting typical waste factor, and average in-home installation time depending on project size.

All charges and fees are actual for job orders bigger than 600 square feet. Smaller projects will be priced at higher rates. Materials and cork flooring prices are subjects to change.

5 Cost of labor calculated based on basic cork floor installation. Materials expenses won’t be included in the total cost if homeowner will purchase and provide all necessary supplies for completing cork floor installation project.

6 Cost comparison gives an idea what you can expect to save in case of completing cork floors installation as do-it-yourself project.

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