Cost of concrete countertop

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How much does it cost to install a concrete countertop?

Total cost to get a new concrete countertop installed varies from $55 to $95 per square foot accounting labor expenses and cost of materials. Building a stylish custom shaped counter with a fully integrated seamless kitchen sink will be estimated at higher rates.

Estimating the price of a concrete countertop per square foot installed

Pre-cast concrete countertop cost1
Per square foot charge
Average cost
Share of cost
$27 - $50
$18 - $30
$10 - $15
$55 - $95

1 Prices in the chart estimated as average charges for manufacturing standard 1 ½” thick concrete countertop in the shop, transporting and installing pre-fabricated concrete pieces at a job site. All costs are for completing the whole project and if a contractor will be hired for building the countertop for pick up or performing installation only rates will be higher.

2 Cost of labor calculated as typical fee per square foot to make three pieces of concrete countertop 40 – 45 sq. ft. in total for a standard L-shaped kitchen accounting simple design and basic square edge profile. Labor expenses determined as fees for in-shop work excluding transportation cost and on-site installation.

important-notes Concrete countertop is a “man-made” product and every contractor or fabricator will have its own standards and define which extra charges will be applied.

3 Materials expenses estimated as an average amount spent on concrete mix, metal lath, pigments, silicone, stain for coloring, sealer and other components which have to be purchased for making concrete counter.

4 Installation expenses are average charges for transporting and actual installation of a fabricated in the shop concrete countertop. Normally installation will be priced based on work complexity and travel distance from the shop not as a fee per square foot.

5 Making custom designed as well as concrete countertops smaller than 40 sq. ft. will be estimated at higher price per square foot installed.

Note: very low percent of homeowners are able to make and install a concrete kitchen countertop professionally unless it is a tiny kitchen with a simple 24” x 60” counter. For that reason, most contractors will provide an estimate stating the total cost to get a new countertop installed with no separation into labor, materials and installation expenses.

Cost to build concrete countertop on-site

There is no big difference in the total cost between pouring and finishing concrete counter on-site compare to completing manufacturing process in shop. Working in equipped shop with controlled temperature, all tools in place and no space restrictions will reduce number of man-hours while fabricating countertop, but elimination of transportation and after manufacturing installation expenses while building concrete countertop on-site will result in nearly same overall cost.

How the thickness of a concrete countertop will affect its cost?

There are won’t be any proration in price based on concrete countertop thickness or do not expect to pay 25% less for 1 ½” counter compare to 2” thick. Even though the price difference will be insignificant, a thinner countertop normally will be cheaper.

How much does it cost to repair a concrete countertop?

Minor scratches and dents can be easily eliminated from a concrete countertop by sanding, polishing and application of protective sealer on its surface. Such work can be completed as a do it yourself project. Poor installation might cause much bigger problems and hiring professional to fix cracks or deep dents might be estimated at $45 - $55 per hour of work accounting $160 - $180 minimum charge.

Does color of a concrete countertop will affect the price per square foot installed?

There are no standard colors when it comes to concrete countertops. Each color is unique and every contractor will offer his own basic colors at no extra charge. Creating custom color pattern or vein movements through the slab will result in 5% - 10% price increase depending on type of pigments and stain colors mixed.

How edge profile will impact the cost to get a new concrete counter installed?

There are many different mold designs available for making basic edge profiles and typically a fabricator won’t charge extras if the form is available in the shop. For creating custom designed edges fees might go up to $30 per linear foot.

What are extra charges for sealing a concrete countertop?

After installation a contractor will apply some protective sealer on the countertop surface at no extra fee, but periodical maintenance of the concrete counter is responsibility of a homeowner. Expect to spend $30 - $50 for quality sealer and $150 - $160 to hire professional for performing the work.

How much did you pay for concrete countertop?


* The numbers are a general idea what expect to pay for a particular remodeling project. The data was analyzed based on hundreds of home improvement projects, but on the national scale it is NOT enough to say the accuracy is high. Exact labor cost will be estimated only after contractor or installer inspects the area.