Calculating synthetic stone kitchen countertop installation expenses

How much does it cost to install a synthetic stone countertop?

Cost of synthetic kitchen countertop installation defined by number of factors and total expenses primary depend on artificial stone prices per square foot and labor cost to complete the work. There are always additional aspects should be taken into account while calculating total expenditures for installing a new kitchen countertop. Contractor will calculate the cost after in-home inspection, taking detailed measurements and analyzing work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with synthetic stone fabrication, delivery and installation as well as materials expenses.

Estimating synthetic stone countertop installation cost

Synthetic stone prices comparison materials-prices

Cost of a manmade solid surface countertop will be determined solely by a manufacturer depending on technology used and components the counter made of. The price will be affected by color, surface type and texture. Thickness, which define by produced, is normally consistent and play a secondary role in price determination. Cultured stone countertops normally divided into groups with a certain price rage per square foot. The difference between lowest and highest cost can exceed 30% – 40%.

Size and shape of the kitchen is also matter. If it will be possible to cut a countertop from a slab(s) with minimum waste the cost will go down.

Determining labor cost for synthetic stone countertop installation labor-cost

Fabrication, delivery and in-home installation are three main aspects which affect the cost of labor while estimating installation expenses for synthetic stone countertop. Excluding actual manufacturing process there are always charges for cutting slab, creating desire edge profile, making kitchen sink cut-out, delivering prefabricated pieces and installing a new counter. Prepare to pay additional fees for removal and disposal of an old countertop. Many contractors will install kitchen sink at no extra charge, but connecting drains, installing a garbage disposal and kitchen faucet will be calculated separately.

Shopping for a synthetic stone countertop shopping

Similar to natural stone most of solid surface countertops available from distributors as slabs different dimensions. Home improvement stores which selling major brands cultured stone countertops normally have a price-list per square foot including or excluding labor expenses and significant discounts are not very common. Smaller local fabricators typically more flexible with price and can offer much better deals on selected products.

Synthetic stone have multiple advantages over other countertop materials, but is not the cheapest product, and homeowners who cannot afford to invest much into kitchen remodeling usually exclude it from the list of options.

Estimating installation time estimating-time

It will normally take 4 – 5 hours for a crew of three professional installers to complete installation of a 40 – 45 square feet synthetic stone countertop in the L-shape kitchen with a 16 – 18 sq ft kitchen island. It will normally include demolishing of an old countertop, installing new 3/4" thick synthetic stone, undermount a kitchen sink and drilling certain diameter holes for a kitchen faucet. Depending on the product availability installation typically will be scheduled in 5 – 7 business days after taking measurements.

Work complexity work-complexity

Synthetic stone countertop installation is not a do it yourself project. Some countertops might be extremely heavy and special equipment should be used for transportation. Even though it is one of the most durable materials for kitchen countertops improper installation can cause significant reduction in the lifespan and cracks might develop overtime. Unprofessionally connected pieces will make seams look far away from any expectations. Even handy homeowners should think twice before considering cutting labor expenses and trying to install it by self.

It is not typical to order a synthetic stone countertop for pickup. Local fabricators, contractors and home improvement retailers offer a full service from design the shape and making templates to installing a new solid surface kitchen counter.