Calculating kitchen remodeling expenses


How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

Cost of kitchen remodeling depends on number of factors and total expenses primary relate to materials prices and labor cost to complete the work. But calculating total expenditures for kitchen remodeling number of additional things should be taken into account. Remodeling contractor will calculate the cost after in-home inspection, taking on site measurements, analyzing work complexity and determining scope of work to complete. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with renovation process as well as expenses for all necessary materials which have to be purchased in order to perform the kitchen remodeling project successfully.

Estimating kitchen remodeling cost

Materials, fixtures and finishing products prices materials-prices

Cost of materials and all fixtures will vary greatly and mainly depend on products type, kitchen design and style. On a low budget it is always a good idea to shop for cheaper alternatives rather than spending a few times more for top notch brand name products. Buying standard kitchen cabinets for the shelf of local home improvement retailer, laminate countertop and vinyl planks flooring will be significantly cheaper comparing to ordering custom cabinets, natural stone counter and paying for marble tile. There is definitely a huge difference in appearance and overall kitchen value between low budget and high end renovation, but affordability is always a main aspect of determination what can be done for a certain budget set.

Determining labor cost for kitchen remodeling labor-cost

Cost of man power will depend on difficulty of a work and customization level. Kitchen remodeling cost per square foot can be estimated only after finalizing all tasks which have to be done. Basic renovation which includes demolishing and installing new kitchen flooring, cabinets and countertop with no major plumbing and electrical work involved will be least expensive option. Labor cost will significantly increase for expanding kitchen area by moving partition walls as well changing layout. Custom remodeling will be estimated at much higher rates.

Before hiring a contractor homeowners should define priorities and realistically evaluate expected work quality on the fixed budget. Planning too much, while expecting to spend little won’t turn into anything good.

Shopping for materials fixtures and products shopping

Always plan a renovation project well ahead and if the budget is low check sales for desire products at local and online home improvement retailers. Contractor will typically purchase all necessary building materials while homeowner might prefer to purchase appliances and fixtures.

Estimating renovation time estimating-time

Complete remodeling of 12’ x 12’ kitchen with no or very little custom work involve can be performed in about a week by crew of three professionals. High end renovation of 300 sq ft kitchen normally takes up to one month. After estimating number of man-hours contractor will determine how long the remodeling will last based on labor availability and project urgency.

Work complexity work-complexity

Handy homeowners who cannot afford to invest much into kitchen renovation project might consider reducing overall expenses by cutting the labor cost and perform remodeling as a do it yourself project. Such option is possible to some point and while certain tasks can be easily done following simple installation instructions, others require skills and experience. Many can easily manage 150 sq ft of laminate flooring installation. Fewer can install several standard wall and base cabinets. However, for moving kitchen sink in a different place it might be better to hire a plumber, for running new 220v electric line to stove call an electrician and so on. It is never a smart idea to buy expensive quality materials and fixtures, but try to cut on labor because even the best products available can be easily spoiled by poor on-site work performance. Hiring a professional remodeling contractor who will guaranty the work is the only solution for high end kitchen remodeling.