Calculating house interior painting expenses


How much does it cost to paint house interior?

Cost to paint a house interior determined by numbers of factors and total expenses primary depend on paint prices and labor cost to complete the work. But calculating total expenditures for interior painting additional factors should be taken into account. Painter will calculate the cost after in-home inspection and analyzing work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with painting process as well prices for all additional materials including paint.

Estimating house interior painting cost

Paint prices comparison materials-prices

Prices vary greatly and depend on paint brand and product quality. Some inexpensive paint which available from the shelf of local home improvement retailors might be very affordable and because of low price can be a good solution for low budget painting projects. Many paint products with superior coverage quality have significantly higher price.

While estimating total expenses to get a house painted inside there is always additional materials should be purchased to complete the work including paintable caulk, joint compound and primer.

Determining labor cost to paint a house labor-cost

Cost of man power will depend on surface condition, project size and work complexity. Simple application of paint on the ceiling and walls using roller and brush will be estimated at minimum charge. Normally two coats of quality paint should cover the walls properly, but while changing colors from real dark to light additional coat of paint will be necessary to apply and labor cost will increase. Preparation of the surface as well as moving furniture will be charged based on time required for completing the task and painter’s hourly rates.

Painting doors, windows and moldings will be priced separately and contractor will estimate the cost based on amount of items and length of trims which have to be painted. Premium quality paint application on woodwork using spay gun will cost much more comparing to using a brush or roller.

Normally a painter will offer a better deal for bigger projects and charge a significantly higher rate for small tasks. While painting the whole interior of a house fees per room will be lower comparing to hiring a professional to paint a single room.

Shopping for paint shopping

All paint retailors offer their colors which can be mixed and ready for pick up in 15 – 20 minutes. But because of so many paint brands available there might be a dilemma which one to choose. Many homeowners prefer not to pay much for a gallon of paint and buy cheapest one available, but there is a chance of poor coverage and additional coats of paint that should be applied in order to get better results. Professional painting contractors normally have discounts at major paint stores, but they typically do not use cheap materials and purchase quality products.

Before buying necessary amount of paint it is always better to purchase small sample which normally sold in 8 oz cans and cover up to 16 square feet area. Printed picture samples might not reflect real appearance of paint applied on the wall and trying different paint combinations is the best solution to find a perfect match with overall room design.

Estimating time for painting a house estimating-time

Crew of three professional painters should be able to complete painting of four bedrooms 1,900 – 2,100 square feet house in about a week. It will normally include one coat of white ceiling paint application with a roller / brush and two coats of colored flat finish or eggshell paint application on the walls including very minor surface preparation work. Another 3 – 4 days will be necessary to apply one coat of semi-gloss or high gloss water based paint on doors, windows, baseboards and trims. On average experienced painter can paint ceiling and walls in two 12’ x 12’ rooms during 8 work-hours excluding moving furniture fixing cracks or painting closets.

Work complexity work-complexity

Painting is a simple home renovation project and many homeowners who have a tight budget can easily complete it by self. But if you are expecting high quality work it is always better to hire a professional painter because even the best paint available won’t look nice if improperly applied. With lack of experience it will take longer to paint a house and hiring a pro will not only ensures quality of work but will save time as well.