Calculating vinyl flooring installation expenses


How much does it cost to install vinyl flooring?

Cost to get new vinyl flooring installed determined by number of factors and overall expenses primary depend on vinyl flooring prices per square foot and labor cost to complete the work. But calculating total expenditures for installing new vinyl floors number of additional aspects should be taken into account. Flooring contractor will calculate the cost after taking on site measurements, analyzing work complexity and summarizing scope of a work to complete. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with installation as well as materials prices which have to be purchase.

Estimating vinyl floors installation cost

Vinyl flooring prices comparison materials-prices

Vinyl is one of the least expensive floor covering materials and might the best solutions for low budget renovation projects. Vinyl flooring which sold in sheets and measured is square yards with no-wax finish is a cheapest option and can be glued to any type of properly prepared subfloor. Vinyl composition tile also known as VCT flooring is very affordable product and available in different textures and colors. Water and stain resistant vinyl planks with premium wearing layer which can be installed over existing floor with no adhesive required normally more expensive, but it still have significantly lower price comparing to hardwood or stone tile flooring.

Determining labor cost for vinyl floors installation labor-cost

Cost of labor will depend on type of vinyl flooring, difficulty of a work and project size. Standard installation of vinyl tiles might be calculated as per square foot fee. Fixing subfloor, preparation work, installation of baseboards and shoe base molding, as well as demolishing and hauling away old flooring covering materials will be charged based on installer’s hourly rates.

Laying peel-and-stick vinyl tile normally will be priced at minimum charge. Labor cost might increase for glue down sheet vinyl floors installation, but typically difference in price will be insignificant.

Normally contractor will offer lower installation price on bigger projects and charge a significantly higher rate per square foot if only a small area of vinyl flooring has to be completed.

Shopping for vinyl flooring shopping

On the low budget plan flooring replacement project well ahead and watch for seasonal and clearance sales at major local and online flooring retailers. Buy discontinued products, but always purchase more than a typical waste factor because of case of repair you probably won’t find same product any more. Cheaper vinyl flooring doesn’t necessarily means it is less durable or won’t last long, but selection and style options normally very limited. Before buying always check availability of a manufacturer warranty and if the product doesn’t have any try to avoid such purchase.

Estimating installation time estimating-time

Normally it takes 4 – 5 hours for professional installer to lay vinyl planks in 12’ x 12’ room over existing floor with no special preparation work required. About 6 hours will be sufficient to complete installation of sheet vinyl in 140 – 160 sq ft kitchen area including 1/4" plywood underlayment installation. Some projects might take longer, but typically vinyl flooring doesn’t consume much time to install and with good organization a professional crew able to complete installation of vinyl flooring in hallway, two bathrooms and kitchen area in one day.

Work complexity work-complexity

Many handy homeowners might consider reducing overall expenses to get new vinyl flooring installed by cutting the labor cost and completing the project by self. To lay vinyl flooring is not that complicated process and can be done as a do it yourself project, but following a manufacturer installation instruction is essentially important. Always remember warranty from manufacturer won’t cover the losses related to the improper installation. If you have a doubt in completing the project successfully it might be better to hire a professional installer who will not only ensure quality of the work but will save your time as well.