Calculating house exterior painting expenses


How much does it cost to paint house exterior?

Cost of painting exterior of a house defined by number of factors and total expenses primary depend on paint prices and labor cost to complete the work. But calculating total expenditures for painting number of additional factors should be taken into account. Painting contractor will calculate the cost after in-home inspection and analyzing work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with painting as well as paint and additional materials which have to be purchased to complete the painting project successfully.

Estimating house exterior painting cost

Paint prices and materials expenses materials-prices

Cost of paint vary greatly and depend on its quality and type. Some acrylic medium base exterior paint which sold at local home improvement retailers in one gallon containers and cover up to 400 square feet area can be a very affordable option. Other premium quality products which contain paint and primer for providing the best adhesive results over wood, metal, masonry, stucco, brick and vinyl surface can have a higher price.

Paint is a main but not a single expense which defines total materials expenses and additional products including patch for filling cracks, paintable caulk as well as masking tape plastic or paper should be bought for performing the work.

Determining labor cost for exterior painting labor-cost

Cost of man power will depend on difficulty of a work and house size. Simple one story house in a decent condition with basic preparation work involved will be estimated at minimum charge. Labor cost will significantly increase if the house has a lot of details including stylish arches, dormers or shutters. Cleaning the surface, scrubbing old paint as well as fixing dents and slips is a very time consuming process and will impact the cost dramatically very often leading to an extra charges and fees.

Typically one coat of high quality exterior paint should cover properly prepared surface well enough, but if application of an extra coat of paint will be unavoidable the cost of labor will rise.

Shopping for paint shopping

There is never a big problem to buy inexpensive paint, which available in nearly any home improvement store. But very often cheapest paint means more coats have to be applied in order to get better results. Professional painters normally have deep discounts on materials at local paint stores, but they typically purchase quality products.

Estimating time to paint house exterior estimating-time

Crew of three professional painters should be able to complete spraying of standard 1,200 – 1,500 square feet one story house in one day, excluding all preparation work. Additional couple days will be necessary to wash the surface with a pressure washer and get it ready for actual painting. It will take much longer to paint custom build multi-storey homes. After in-home consultation a painting contractor will estimate the number of man-hours necessary to complete the task and determine the time frame based on labor availability and project urgency.

Work complexity work-complexity

Many handy homeowners who have extra time and cannot afford investing much into painting might consider cutting labor cost and refresh the house exterior as a do it yourself project. It is very doable task but proper preparation and adequate paint application is extremely important. Many can easily manage painting exterior of house with a roller and brush, but for high quality paint application using a sprayer necessary to have skills and it is always better to hire a professional painter to perform such work. With lack of experience it will take longer to complete the painting project and hiring a pro will not only ensures quality of work but will save a time as well.