Calculating garage door replacement expenses


How much does it cost to replace a garage door?

Cost of a garage door replacement determines by number of factors and total expenses primary depend on garage door prices and labor cost to complete the work. But calculating total expenditures for replacing a garage door number of additional factors should be taken into account. Remodeling contractor will calculate the cost after taking on site measurements and analyzing work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with replacement.

Estimating garage door replacement cost

Garage doors prices comparison materials-prices

Sectional 27 – 25 gauge steel garage doors the most common type due to convenience of use and relatively low price. Side hinged wood doors with decorative hardware more expensive, but it is one of the best solutions for luxury homes. Glass doors with aluminum frame very popular option for attached garages in contemporary houses. Many custom made garage doors are combination of different materials and prices will depend on customization level.

Determining labor cost for garage door replacement labor-cost

Cost of man power will depend on work complexity and an installer’s hourly rate. Simple installation of a new garage door identical to the old one will be priced at minimum charge. Labor cost will significantly increase if additional preparation work has to be performed prior to garage door installation. Reframing the door opening, replacing rotten wood or building additional supports will lead to extra charges.

Shopping for new garage door shopping

Normally companies specialized in garage door installation, replacement and repair have their catalogs with products they offer and homeowner can easy choose desired material, style and color of a new door from options available. On a low budget shop for standard doors which the most affordable and can be bought from the shelf of local home improvement retailers. Prepare to wait a few weeks for delivery if ordering a door with a certain level of customization. Stylish custom made doors will be much more expensive.

Estimating replacement time estimating-time

Professional installer with a helper should be able to complete single 8’ x 7’ sectional steel door replacement in about 6 – 7 work hours. It will include taking out old door, mounting new tracks, assembling new door, installing door springs and garage door opener. Smaller roll up aluminum door might be installed in 4 – 5 work hours by two installers or about 10 man hours total will be necessary to perform the project. Replacing side hinged mahogany or other wooded garage door with wood frame might take about one work day but in some cases it might require more time.

Work complexity work-complexity

Garage door replacement is not an easy project and it is better to hire a professional installer to perform such work. Some handy homeowners might consider reducing overall cost by cutting labor expenses and do it yourself, but following manufacturer installation instructions essentially important. Poor installed garage door operated by automatic door opener might be easily damaged and manufacturer warranty won’t cover any losses because of the improper installation. In addition, with no or little experience it will take longer to complete the door replacement and hiring a pro will not only ensures quality of work but will save a time as well.

Dimensions of garage doors dimensions

Size of a door will affect its cost and it is obvious a bigger garage door will be more expensive than same type smaller one. But overall size is not the only factor in price determination. Standard dimensions garage door available in stock is always cheaper than some odd sizes one which is usually a special order. Size will affect not only initial door price, but installation expenditures as well. Contractor might charge more for replacing twice bigger and heavier double door comparing to a smaller single option.