Estimating vinyl siding installation cost


How much does it cost to install vinyl siding?

Cost of vinyl siding installation will depend on a number of factors and total expenses primary determined by siding prices per square foot and labor cost to complete the work. While calculating gross expenditures to get a new vinyl siding installed a number of additional factors should be taken into account. A siding contractor will calculate the cost after inspecting house exterior, getting detailed measurements and analyzing work complexity. All charges and fees associated with vinyl siding installation will be summarized in itemized estimate issued by a contractor. Cost of materials will be added as a separate expense.

Calculating vinyl siding installation cost

Vinylor siding prices


Vinyl siding is one of the cheapest materials for finishing exterior of a house and actual price per square foot will be defined by its quality and style. Traditional non-insulated clapboard horizontal white siding is the most affordable option. Panels with wood grain texture and better impact resistance are more expensive. But because of wide variety of vinyl siding available on the market price difference between cheapest and the most expensive product can exceed 50%.

Always count additional essential materials which have to be purchased for vinyl siding installation including insulation, flashing, starter strips, J-channels, outside and inside corners as well as siding nails.

Determining labor cost for vinyl siding installation


Installation cost will greatly depend on house design, height, siding panels dimensions and overall work complexity. Contractor will calculate installation of vinyl siding on multi story house with complex design at higher rate per square comparing to simple one story house with straight walls.

Preparation work including removing old siding, replacing insulation or rotten wood will lead to extra charges. There are also additional fees will be present on invoice from a contractor for ordering dumpster(s) or hauling away old siding materials.

Shopping for new vinyl siding


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) siding panels 0.040 – 0.044 inches thick with smooth or grain texture can be purchased from a local home improvement retailer. Building materials suppliers and distributors offer wider selection of products. Before making a purchase always check manufacturer warranty and resistance to damages. While shopping for new siding, it is always a good idea to consult with a local contractor who can recommend which product is better to choose based on a climate zone, house design and building codes.

Estimating installation time


It will normally take couple days for remodeling company to complete standard installation of 70 – 80 squares of vinyl siding on a two story house using 10” x 12’ horizontal clapboards panels. Another day might be necessary for tearing off old siding and preparation work. Accurate number of man-hours will be estimated after analyzing all details.

Work complexity


Vinyl siding installation is moderate difficulty work and some handy homeowners with basic construction skills can perform the work by self decreasing overall expenses. But before thinking about savings always evaluate your ability to complete the project successfully. Poor installed flashing, channels and siding will cause leaking and damaging the whole house structure. Because of improper completed work buckled or warped siding has to be replaced soon after installation. Hiring professional installers will ensure work quality and adequate siding performance.