Estimating toilet replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

Cost of toilet replacement determined by many factors and total expenses primary depend on toilet prices and labor cost to complete the work. While calculating gross expenditures for installing a new toilet number of additional factors should be taken into account. Plumber will calculate the cost based on work complexity. Normally it is a same day service and there is no need in prior in-home consultation. Most installers have fixed rates for toilet installation which can be adjusted based on a toilet type and possible extra work involved.

Calculating toilet replacement cost

Toilet prices comparison materials-prices

Prices for toilets vary greatly. Two pieces round bowl toilets made of ceramic with lower flushing performance are among the cheapest options. One piece high efficiency dual-flush elongated bowl toilets with low water consumption per flush will be more expensive. High quality toilets which are the best choice for a contemporary bathroom design with front and rear warm water washing and automatic heated seat will have significantly higher price. Because of huge variety of products available on the market price difference between the cheapest standard toilet and the most expensive brand name one can easily exceed 900%.

Determining labor cost for toilet replacement labor-cost

Difficulty of work is a primary factor which affects the cost of labor while estimating replacement expenses. Simple removing an old floor mounted toilet and installing a new one with no rough-in plumbing work involved will be estimated at a minimum charge. Labor cost will increase if water or (and) drains have to be moved in different place. There might be additional charges for replacing toilet flange or water shut off valve.

Typically an installer will offer much better deal on labor per toilet to replace it if it is a part of a bigger renovation project comparing to coming for installation of a single toilet, which normally will be estimated based on minimum charge.

Replacing of standard floor-mounted toiler with modern wall mounted is much more complicated project which will lead to significant increase in labor expenses.

Shopping for a new toilet shopping

Huge selection of two or one piece toilets with 1.28 – 1.60 gallons per flush range for standard 12” rough-in sold at local home improvement retailers. In order to save 10% – 15% always plan a renovation project well ahead and watch for clearance and seasonal sales. There is always a good chance to buy a toilet cheaper online and get it shipped for free. While purchasing a new toilet always check if wax ring in the box. In case it is not included you have to buy it separately.

Estimating replacement time estimating-time

Normally plumber should be able to replace standard toilet within 2 – 3 hours. It will normally include removing an old toilet, connecting a bowl and water tank, replacing water supply hose and installing a new toilet. Mowing flange and drain in a different place or changing rough-in from 10” to 12” or 14” will consume more time and the whole project will take longer to complete.

Work complexity work-complexity

Toilet replacement is relatively easy task and many homeowners even with minimum construction skills are able to manage simple replacement following step-by-step installation instructions. But before thinking about reducing overall expenses by cutting labor cost always analyze your ability to complete the project successfully. Even though standard replacement doesn’t require much of experience for more complex work it might be better to hire a plumber to make sure there won’t be any leak and further problems because of an improper toilet installation.

Toilet dimensions dimensions

Actual measurements of a toilet defined by manufacturer and depend on toilet type and design. Even though height, width and depth of toilets vary, size is not a factor of toilet price determination. Traditional two pieces toilet can be much cheaper comparing to smaller contemporary high efficiency toilet.