Estimating roof repair cost

How much does it cost to repair a roof?

Roofing contractor will estimate the roof repair cost after roof inspection and issue a quote based on a number of man-hours necessary for eliminating the problem and cost of materials which have to be purchased for completing the project successfully. Type of roofing materials, slope of a roof and overall difficulty of work are the main factors will be taken into account while pricing existing roof repair. After analyzing all details a roofer will provide an itemized estimate including all charges and fees for eliminating leaks or partial roof replacement.

Calculating roof repair cost

Estimating the cost of materials


Materials expenses will be calculated based on what type of roofing materials have to be repaired and how deep the problem is. If the damage is minor temporary stopping the leak can be achieved with application of roof cement into discovered hole. It is typically insignificant expense, but later on damaged pieces of roofing shingles, tiles, or shakes have to be replaced entirely. Asphalt shingles much cheaper compare to slate, metal or ceramic tiles but total cost of materials will be determined primary by the size of damaging area and what exactly has to be bought.

Labor cost to repair a roof


Overflow gutters, poor installed flashing or physical damage by severe weather can cause the roof starts leaking and the most important aspect in the whole fixing process is to identify the cause of a problem accurately. Man-power expenses will be estimated base on time required to repair a roof and roofer’s per hour charge. Theoretically, walkable roofs are easier to repair and fixing modified bitumen membranes on a flat or low slope roof might be cheaper to repair compare to getting rid of problems with concrete tiles installed on high pitched roof. But practically it all depends and replacing a few blown-off shingles in a three story home can be less expensive than correcting an improperly build flat roof which accumulates standing water.

Shopping for roofing materials


Normally a roofer hired for fixing the problem will supply all necessary materials and include all expenses in the total cost of repair. Severely damaged roofs might be better to replace entirely. Complete roof replacement can be estimated as a fee per square including purchasing price of roofing materials and cost of labor.

Estimating repair time


There is no time frame can be defined for partial repair before roof inspection. Installation of couple new shingles instead of damaged ones can be completed in a few hours by experienced roofer alone, but replacement of rotten wood under poorly installed standing seams metal roofing can take a few days for a whole roofing crew to perform the work. In addition, if leaking problem wasn’t terminated right away damages of house interior will increase not only repair time but overall cost as well.

Work complexity


It is definitely about skills and many handy homeowners with some construction experience can find out and fix the problem with a simple roof by self. But very often it is hard to figure out what actually the cause of a leak. Normally a properly maintained and not damaged by severe weather roof shouldn’t develop any signs of failure during its lifespan unless it was inadequately installed. Poor work might be unnoticeable for a property owner, but an experienced roofer typically will spot all defects and able to make proper corrections. But in some cases it might not be that easy and take longer even for a roofer to locate and fix the problem.