Estimating recessed lighting cost


How much does it cost to install recessed lighting?

Cost of recessed lighting installation determined by number of factors and total expenses primary depend on materials prices and labor cost to complete the work. While calculating gross expenditures for installing new recessed lighting number of additional factors should be taken into account. Electrician will calculate the cost based on work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with recessed lighting installation as well as cost of materials which have to be purchased to complete the project successfully.

Calculating recessed lighting installation cost

Recessed lighting prices comparison and materials cost materials-prices

Recessed housing prices vary and depend on type, size and the way can constructed. Available in stock at local home improvement retailers 6” wide with aluminum finish reflector remodel recessed light housing is one of the cheapest options. Fully assemble airtight new construction recessed housing made of steel will be more expensive. Metal halide recessed lightning with metallic finish will have significantly higher price. Because of huge variety of products available on the market price difference between the cheapest standard can and the most expensive with fan ventilation exceed 700%.

While installing recessed lighting additional materials should be purchased including AEC cable or flexible aluminum conduits, clam connectors and wires. Trims and light bulbs sold separately as well.

Determining labor cost for recessed lighting installation labor-cost

Difficulty of work will affect the cost of labor at a first place. Simple installation of a few lights into open ceiling and connecting to existing switches will be estimated at minimum charge. Labor cost will rise if installation of new switches and circuit breaker will be unavoidable.

On the remodeling projects there is always a possibility to damage ceiling or walls while installing recessed lighting and fixing drywall and painting will be priced as separate fees.

Typically electrician will offer much better deal on labor per recessed light to install on a bigger size project comparing to coming for installation of a couple lights, which normally will be estimated based on minimum charge.

Shopping for recessed lighting shopping

Recessed lighting housing in four standard sizes - 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” sold at most home improvement stores or can be easily purchased online and delivered to your home address. Color and type o a trim can be chosen according to the overall room design. White buffle for minimizing glare and light colored trim ring for matching the ceiling is one of the most popular choices, but other color combinations available as well.

Estimating installation time estimating-time

Typically electrician with a helper should be able to install 10 – 12 remodel recessed can lights in one 16 x 16 room during 5 – 7 hours excluding possible fixing ceiling or walls. There is no exact time frame can be defined before inspecting the room or house. Existing rough-in electrical, ceiling accessibility, type of insulation between joists and wall studs will impact the time required to install recessed lighting.

Work complexity work-complexity

Technically recessed lighting installation is not a difficult task, but any electrical project should comply with building codes and meet safety requirements. Choosing adequate type of recessed lighting and correct load calculation on a single circuit breaker are essentially important aspects. For such matter a licensed electrician should be hired to perform such project.