Estimating plumbing for a new house cost


How much does a plumbing for a new house cost?

Cost to install plumbing system will be determined by dozens of factors and quote for the project will be provided after calculating the number of man-hours to complete the work and estimating materials expenses which have to be purchased. Number of bathrooms, type of water heating system, and total quantity of fixtures which have to be installed and connected to water supply lines and drain pipes are essential aspects of cost determination. Itemized estimated issued by a licensed plumber after analyzing architectural drawings will reflect all charges and fees associated with new plumbing system installation.

Calculating total cost to install plumbing system in the house

Cost of materials for plumbing


Copper water pipes, shut off valves, p-traps, PVC drains and vents normally will be purchased by a contractor. It is one of the major, but not a single materials expense for completing rough-in plumbing. All additional supplies including solder, acid paste, propane for soldering copper pipes, PVC cement and primer will be supplied by plumber as well.

Homeowners typically buy all necessary fixtures including bathtubs, toilets, faucets and sinks. But depending on personal preferences everything can be purchased by a contractor with all expenses included in the final quote.

Labor cost to complete plumbing work in the new home


Installation of plumbing system is a few stages process. It is one of the first steps from which building a new house begins and one of the last steps while completing building a new home. Main drain pipe connected to the septic tank normally installed before pouring concrete foundation and installation of toilet and faucets performed after tile work done. Plumber will estimate the total cost of labor after analyzing work scope to perform.

Many homeowners trying to figure out what in the cost of plumbing work based on size of a house, but square footage is not a main parameter in defining total expenses. In many cases installation of plumbing in smaller house can be more expensive compare to larger home because more complex and time consuming work.

Shopping for materials and fixtures


There is very low possibility homeowners will accurately estimate the cost of materials based on architectural drawings. In addition, it is nearly impossible that plumbing for a new house will be completed as do it yourself project. Normally a plumber will price the work including materials and man-power expenses. Finishing products including all fixtures can be easily purchased locally or on-line by a property owner.

Estimating installation time


Unlike other work, a plumber has to wait on others while completing installation of plumbing system in the house. After framing done it will normally take about a week for an experienced crew to perform all water and drain piping in the 2,400 ft2 – 2,700 ft2 house with 3 ½ bathrooms. At the end of a whole home construction project couple more days will be devoted for installation of all fixtures.

Work complexity


Installation of a plumbing system in a new house is not a do it yourself project and only experienced plumber who has a license or work under supervision of a licensed plumber should be hired for such project. In addition, plumbing system has to be checked by an inspector and any omissions or simply poor work is unacceptable.