Estimating interior doors replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace interior doors?

Cost of an interior door replacement will be estimated based on materials expenses including purchasing price of a new door, additional supplies and cost of man power to complete the work. Carpenter will quote the project accounting a number of man-hours as a main aspect while pricing labor expenses. Itemized estimate with all charges and possible additional fees will be issued after in-home inspection and analyzing scope of a work to complete.

Calculating interior doors installation cost

Interior door prices


Because of huge variety of interior doors available on the market prices vary significantly as well. Bi-fold or folding vinyl doors perfect for closets are least expensive. 80” high solid core pre-hung doors which available in 24”, 30”, 32” and 36” width is one of the best options for installation as an entry door to bedrooms or bathrooms and still very affordable. 72” x 80” sliding doors made of solid wood and tempered frosted glass are more expensive. But actual prices of a door cannot be summarized into any averages or typical cost. Door type, dimensions, and material they made from are main factors of price determination and difference in cost between similar looking doors can easily exceed 200%. Buying shims, door casing, door locks or door stops separately will result in additional materials expenses.

Determining labor cost for interior doors replacement


Cost of labor will depend directly on difficulty of work. Replacement of bifold doors typically much cheaper compare to pocket or prehung door installation. Number of doors to replace at a time will affect the labor cost as well. The bigger project size the lower price per door might be offered by an installer. Preparation work including rough opening resizing will be prices as a separate charge.

Shopping for interior doors


Available in stock at local home improvement retailors standard doors are much cheaper compare to custom designed special order interior doors. If you are planning to hire a professional for installation part only make sure to get measure correctly and buy doors which will fit into existing openings. Reframing work goes far beyond the basic installation and will always lead to significant increase in labor cost.

Estimating replacement time


Experienced carpenter with helper able to replace 7 – 9 pre-hung and 3 – 4 closet doors in 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1,900 ft2 house within couple days. It will typically include removal of an old and installation new door, door lock and casing. Opening wall for inserting the frame for a pocket door is much more time consuming process and the whole day can be devoted for placing and finishing the single pocket door.

Work complexity


Internal door replacement is a task can be easily completed by handy homeowners with basic carpentry skills and overall replacement expenses will be decreased by savings on labor. Many doors sold with clear step by step installation instructions which are not difficult to follow. Other thing if you have never worked with a hand saw, drill or pneumatic finish nailer, it might be better to hire an experienced installer to complete interior doors replacement.