Estimating house foundation repair cost

How much does it cost to repair house foundation?

Foundation is one of the most important elements which support the load of a house structure from the bottom or sill plate to roof covering materials. Poor or improper built foundation can cause a significant damage to a whole house and lead to extremely expensive repairs. Before on-site inspection, there are no accurate quote can be provided for fixing cracks in concrete walls. Contractor will estimate the total cost based on difficulty of work and time spent for eliminating the problem. All charges and fees associated with foundation repair work will be summarized into itemized estimate.

Calculating house foundation repair cost

Materials expenses


Most of houses have concrete foundation with steel reinforcement bars inside and many homeowners might assume that the best way to fix horizontal or vertical cracks is patching it with a mortar. But placing cement into holes is one of the least effective methods of foundation repair what simply will mask, but not eliminate the problem. Waterproofing or even temporary termination defects in concrete walls can be achieved by injection of polyurethane foam or epoxy into cracks. Concrete contractor will typically purchase and supply all necessary materials and include all expenses into the total cost of such repair.

Labor cost to repair house foundation


Cost of man power will be estimated after determination of a problem and calculating the number of man-hours to complete the project. Simple waterproofing of couple minor cracks won’t cost much. But if it is the problem with footing and excavation work, the cost will increase significantly. Even with a help of special machinery, Pressed Pilings Method of fixing the foundation or simply digging deeper into the ground involves physical work. Contractor will normally estimate foundation repair as a whole project accounting hourly expenses for operating excavator, cost of manual labor and purchasing price of all necessary materials.

Shopping for materials


Theoretically many handy homeowners can purchase and apply urethane resin or epoxy into cracks, but if you have very little or no construction skills it is very low probability of determining the cause of foundation failure correctly. Property owners might get materials and save on labor, but it is never a good idea to experiment with foundation problems. Experienced contractor will get all materials depending on what has to be done and typically there is no such thing as quote for labor only when you hire professionals to repair foundation in the house.

Estimating time


How long it will take to repair a foundation depend directly on how big the problem is. There are dozens of factors will affect the duration of the repair process, but professionalism of a hired contractor is major one. Most issues with residential properties foundations can be eliminated in one day by experienced crew using proper tools and adequate machinery. Pouring new concrete walls might take longer because of drying time, but even complex repair should be completed in a few days.

Work complexity


It is certainly about skills and experience when it comes to the question “is it hard to repair house foundation”? But for majority of homeowners it is not the best solution to consider fixing cracks in concrete by self. Very often it is not only about blocking moisture or water coming into the basement, but the whole foundation structure should be reinforced. If you are planning to live in the house for a while it is always better to use professional service of a well-qualified contractor who will complete repair work, even though, it might not be as cheap as it seems.

In addition, 10 – 15 years old house shouldn’t have any issues with foundation. If it has - homeowners should fix it as soon as possible or simply get rid of such property. Many homes that built on slopes or on the soil with insufficient load bearing capacity have foundation problems because it was initially constructed or even designed omitting particular properties of soil or terrain on the building site. Same rule cannot be applied to two nearby houses while building a foundation what is often simply ignored. For that matter, home buyers should avoid purchasing homes which have signs of problems with foundation or simply estimate the cost of repair before making or accepting an offer.