Estimating home theater installation cost

How much does it cost to install a home theater?

Home theatre installation cost depends on multiple factors and gross expenditures primary determined by home theater system prices and labor expenses to complete actual installation. There are multiple aspects should be taken into account while figuring out how much it costs to convert a room into a theatre. Contractor will issue an itemized estimate for completing the project only after analyzing scope of the work to perform and estimating work complexity.

Calculating home theater installation cost

Home theaters prices comparison


Simple home theater which includes 5 subwoofer speakers with up to 100W power and 24” – 26” Plasma TV is very affordable option. Purchasing in-wall mount speakers, 3D LCD video projector and 16:9 106” motorized trap door screen with all necessary materials for proper installation of all theater components is quiet expensive solution. There is no average home theater price defined and difference in cost between basic cheapest and most expensive sophisticated system can easily exceed 900%.

Determining labor cost to install a home theater


Difficulty of work is an essential aspect in labor cost determination. Hanging flat screen TV on the wall and connecting all speakers is a simple task and cost of manpower for such work normally insignificant. Building custom home theater from scratch is much more expensive project. Labor expenses to frame new walls, complete wiring under the ceiling, finish and paint drywall could be more expensive than purchasing advanced system itself.

Shopping for a new home theater


Home theater screen as well as projector can be easily bought online and delivered directly to your home address. If the budget is low always wait for seasonal sales and avoid purchasing latest system models which normally sold at highest price in first few months. Before making a purchase, always do research about a particular product.

Estimating installation time


Basic installation of simple home theater into 9’ wide and 7’ high entertainment center won’t take longer than a few hours. But full conversion of any room or space in the house into custom home theater might take couple weeks to complete the work. It is impossible to define exact time or estimate number of man-hours with high accuracy before on-site inspection and defining all details.

Work complexity


Bay window installation certainly can be done by handy homeowners as do it yourself project, but always take into account that most of bay windows are heavy and you need a helper to lift and properly secure the window in the rough opening. Before planning to save on labor, always evaluate your ability to complete the project successfully. Poor installation might cause significant reduction in thermal efficiency of a whole house and if you never install or replace a regular window, start obtaining skills with bay window installation is not the smartest idea.