Home security system installation cost

How much does it cost to install home security system?

Cost of security system installation determined by type of a system at a first place. Equipment expenses and cost of labor are two essential factors which define gross expenditures to get a new security system installed.

Calculating the cost of security system installation

Cost of equipment


Prices for control panel, transmitters, motion detectors and video surveillance cameras greatly vary. There is no average cost can be defined because difference in price between simple home security equipment and the most advanced one can easily exceed 700%. But always take into account that wireless home security system typically cheaper compare to hardwired.

Determining labor cost for security system installation


Some wireless home security alarm systems are very easy to install and program. At the same time, many complicated, whole house video monitoring systems which run through laptop or smartphone will be priced at much higher rates to install and set up. Fees for installation increase significantly in case of running all wires from window and door sensor inside the walls.

Shopping for a new home security system


Basic wireless alarm kit with telephone dialer can be purchased from local home improvement retailers at relatively low price. Standard surveillance system with 4 – 5 night vision cameras can be ordered online and it is not an expensive option as well.

If you wish the house to be monitored by home security company each of them has own equipment and complex installation will be performed by a home security provider’s technician. Depending on a plan you choose, there is also monthly monitoring fee which depend directly on what is included in the service. Some home security companies offer easy self-setup plan options with providing detailed instruction how to install and program the whole system in return of installation fee elimination.

Estimating installation time


Actual time to install, program and test new wireless security system might vary from a few hours to couple days. Basic installation of simple system in 2-story 2,100 – 2.300 ft2 house typically should be completed in 4 – 5 hours by an experienced installer. Setting up sophisticated video surveillance system in larger home might take longer.

Installation of wired home security system is much more time consuming and costly process. Connecting all sensors and control panel with low voltage wires can easily take couple days for two installers to complete the project excluding additional time spend for fixing walls and other possible damages.

Work complexity


Many home security systems designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. Most of homeowners are able to manage installation of control panel, motion detector, smoke detector, door and window sensors as well as program all system following step-by-step instruction. But with all the simplicity always evaluate your ability to perform the project successfully. If you have a doubt or simply unwilling to spend time for such project there is always a number of security service providers who offer in-home installation.

Some security systems have to be installed by professionals and even handy homeowners need to pay for installation service.