Estimating garbage disposal installation cost

How much does it cost to install garbage disposal?

Cost of a garbage disposal installation determined by a few essential factors and total expenses will be estimated as a sum spent on materials and cost of labor to perform the work. Garbage disposal installation typically same day service and usually there is no prior in-home consultation will be scheduled before quoting such task. Most installers at their own discretion will define a fee for a basic garbage disposal installation. Extra work which goes beyond standard installation will be price separately.

Calculating garbage disposal installation cost

Estimating the cost of materials


Because of wide verity of garbage disposals available on the market, it is impossible to determine any average or typical cost of a fixture before knowing exactly what product will be purchased. Simple 1/3 hp disposals without noise insulation are very affordable and can be bought at a local home improvement retailer. More powerful and higher quality products with up to 40 oz. grind chamber capacity will have higher price. Difference in cost between cheapest and most expensive garbage disposal can exceed 200% or even more.

While garbage disposal is a main, but it is not a single materials expense. Plumber’s putty or sealant, p-trap and power cord sold separately and purchasing extra items will result in overall cost increase.

Cost of labor


Simple mounting the flange to kitchen sink, hooking up disposal, connecting drain and electrical wires will be priced at minimum charge determined by a plumber or installer. If there is no electric box inside kitchen sink cabinet or PVS drain pipes have to be replaced or adjusted, cost of labor will increase.

Shopping for a new garbage disposal


Garbage disposal can be purchase at local or on-line home improvement retailors. There is very good chance you can save 20% – 30% of its original price if will watch for seasonal sales. In case the budget is really low, you might even consider participating and placing a bit at online auctions.

Estimating installation time


For a professional garbage disposal installation is about one hour project. Complex work might take longer, but it is not typical that garbage disposal installation will last longer than half day. Inexperienced do it yourselfers might spend up to a day to perform the work especially if some additional materials have to be purchased during the process.

Work complexity


Garbage disposal installation is relatively simple task and many homeowners with minimum construction skills can easily save on labor and complete the work by self. But if you are not confident to work with electric wires or drains it might be better to hire a handyman or plumber who will guaranty the quality to perform the garbage disposal replacement.