Estimating front door replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace a front door?

Cost of an entry door replacement determined by few essential aspects. Type of a new door, material the door made of, actual dimension and overall difficulty of work while completing installation are major factors which affect total expenses of front door replacement. Contractor will estimate the project after calculating a number of man-hours necessary for performing the work. Cost of materials including purchasing price of a new door will be added separately. Installer’s quote for the work scope to complete will indicate all charges and fees associated with an exterior door replacement.

Calculating an entry door replacement cost

Front doors prices


Prices for entry doors vary greatly and there are no typical or average cost can be defined. Difference in price between standard galvanized steel 30” x 80” pre-hung and custom made decorative wrought iron door can easily exceed 700%. While estimating the total cost of replacement, take always into account that front door itself is the main, but very often, not a single materials expense. Some doors which are higher quality sold with lock and deadbolt while for most cheap exterior doors you have to buy hardware separately. Purchasing insulating foam, shims or even some lumber for replacing rotten wood will result in overall cost increase.

Labor cost to replace front door


Difficulty of work will affect the cost of labor at a fist place. Simple removal of an old and installation new front door will be priced at minimum fee and many contractors have standard rates for a basic door replacement depending on the door dimensions and type. If the rough opening has to be resized the cost of labor will increase significantly. There are also might be an additional charge for hardware installation if the door slab is not ready for lockset and deadbolt.

Shopping for a new front door


Local home improvement retailers offer enormous variety of exterior doors. On a low budget always consider standard in-stock options which are significantly cheaper compare to ordering a custom made door. Watching for seasonal sales might be a good idea for those who don’t have much of requirements to a new door and are able to devote enough time to finding the best deal.

Estimating replacement time


Basic replacement of 36” x 80” fiberglass ready for a lockset door normally will be completed by an experienced installer in 3 - 4 hours. Cutting the hole for mortise lock will consume some additional time and the whole process might take longer. Replacement of a front door with sidelights or additional top section is much more complex process and in some cases two installers can spend a day to perform the custom front door installation.

Work complexity


Simple front door replacement can be easily managed by homeowners with basic construction skills. But if moderate difficulty home improvement projects goes beyond your ability it is always better to forget about decreasing overall replacement expenses. Poorly installed door can cause leaking and penetration of cold or hot air coming to the house. In addition, it can simply function improperly. Hiring a professional who will guaranty the work quality to perform the exterior door replacement might be the best solution if you feel that such work goes above the area of your expertise.