Estimating the cost to build house foundation


How much does it cost to build a foundation for a new house?

Cost of building a foundation for a new house will be primary determined by several essential factors and gross expenses will be estimated as a sum spent on purchasing materials and amount paid for labor to complete the work. There is no exact quote for concrete foundation can be provided before analyzing work complexity based on architectural drawings and building lot condition. Contractor will appraise the project after inspecting a job site and itemized estimate will indicate all fees associated with building a foundation for a house.

Calculating house foundation cost

Materials expenses


Type of foundation will affect materials expenses at a first place. Most houses build nowadays on concrete foundations and price of concrete per cubic yard is a main aspect which impact the overall materials cost. Amount of concrete that is needed will be calculated based on footing dimensions, height and thickness of foundation walls and perimeter of a house. All technical data for building concrete foundation will be estimated depending on bearing capacity of soil and load of house structure on the foundation ones its build.

Take into account that concrete in the most significant, but not the only materials expense. Steel reinforcing bars, wire ties and anchor bolts are not as cheap as it seems and buying all additional supplies will increase total materials expenditures.

Labor cost to build a foundation


Installation of concrete forms, cutting to size, bending on corners and placing rebars has to be done manually. Already mixed concrete delivered by truck should be poured into form and there is physical work involved as well. In a few days after concrete is cure forms have to be reassembled and cleaned for reuse. Contractor will price the cost of labor to build house foundation based on a project size accounting number of man-hours necessary to get the work done.

Shopping for materials


Even though it is good to know how concrete contractor will estimate the cost of a new foundation there is typically no such thing as a quote for manpower only. Building a foundation for a new house will be priced as a whole project based on scope of work to complete.

Technically it is possible to rent or even build the forms for foundation by self, purchase ½” in diameter steel rebars from a metal shop, install it by self and order a truck with ready to pour concrete, but there is very low probability property owners with no or very little construction experience are able to build a foundation for a new house by-self successfully. In addition, even if the labor will cost you very little renting proper tools and machinery won’t make the whole project much cheaper compare to hiring professionals to do the work.

Estimating time


How long it will take to build a concrete foundation will depend on many factors including type of foundation, weather conditions and overall difficulty of work. On average, concrete crew should be able to complete building 41’ x 59’ foundation for 2,300 ft2 – 2,600 ft2 two story house with attached 2 car garage in 5 –7 days. It will include excavation work, making 18” in width and 10” thick footing, pouring 8” wide concrete walls and 4” concrete slab in garage. In some cases, it might take longer even though it is uncommon to wait over a month to start a next step up of building a house because concrete is not 100% cured. Ones it reached about 70% of its minimum strength or on 3rd - 4th day framing crew can start the work.

Work complexity


Building a foundation for a new house is not a do it yourself project. There are multiple problems with the whole house structure can be developed overtime because of poor completed foundation work. Always remember unprofessionalism might turn into extremely expensive repair. Even if you are able to read architectural drawings for the foundation, but have never worked with concrete it might be better to hire an experienced contractor who will guaranty the quality of work.