Estimating exterior door replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace exterior door?

Cost of an exterior door replacement will be determined by numerous factors and gross expenses will be calculated as a sum of materials expenditures and cost of labor to perform the work. Carpenter or experienced installer will quote the project based on work complexity. Number of man-hours for completing removal of an old and installation new exterior door is the prior aspect which will be taken into account while pricing the door replacement cost. All charges and fees associated with installation process will be summarized into itemized estimate issued by a contractor after in-home inspection.

Calculating an exterior door replacement cost

Exterior door prices


Standard sizes steel or fiberglass exterior doors available in stock at local home improvement retailors is one of the cheapest options to consider on a low budget. Odd dimensions special ordered doors made of mahogany or copper with sidelights have significantly higher price. Cost of a door is the major materials expense, but purchasing sealant, insulating foam or even some lumber to replace rotten wood will increase overall door replacement cost.

Determining labor cost


Cost of labor to replace an external door will greatly depend on the door type and difficulty of work. Simple replacement of 36” x 80” pre-hung inswing door will be priced at minimum charge if no additional work involve. Many contractors have regular fees for basic installation and can quote total cost of standard entry door replacement before in-home consultation. Rates will increase for an extra work including resizing rough opening, reinforcing door header or rotten wood replacement. If security system installed in the house all sensors have to be disconnect and removed from the door. Reinstallation of sensors will result in labor cost increase.

Shopping for a new exterior door


While shopping for a new door, make sure you measure rough opening correctly. Saving on purchasing a cheaper door which won’t fit into existing opening might lead to time consuming and often costly installation. It is very typical homeowners buy a door and door lock depending on personal preferences and hire a contractor to complete replacement. Normally an installer will supply all essential materials besides the door and includes all expenses into total replacement cost.

Estimating replacement time


On average it will take about 3 – 6 hours for an experienced installer to remove an existing and install new 32” x 80” front door with wood frame. In some cases replacement process might take longer. Assembling few sections front door or replacement of 72” x 80” patio doors will consume more time, but even complex work should be completed in one day by couple professionals.

Work complexity


Door replacement is not an extremely difficult task. Many handy homeowners with basic construction skills are able to install and properly adjust a standard front door following step by step instructions. But before thinking about savings always consider your ability to perform the door replacement successfully. Improperly installed an exterior door can have poor insulation abilities or even water coming inside the house. For that reason it is always better to hire an experienced installer who will complete replacement and guaranty the work quality.