Estimating electrical for a new house cost

How much does it cost to install electrical system in the house?

Electric system installation cost will be determined by a number of factors and a contractor will estimate total expenses based on time necessary for completing the project and purchasing price of all materials. Accurate itemized estimate will be issued after analyzing architectural drawings for electrical work. Number of outlets, switches and type of electrical fixtures which have to be installed are the prime factors will be taken into account by an electrician while estimating total cost of new electrical system installation.

Calculating the cost of electrical work

Estimating the cost of materials


Metallic tube conduits, fittings, conduit straps, boxes, wires, outlets, switches, plates, recessed housings, breakers, load center and other essentials supplies for rough-in electrical and wiring the house will be purchased by an electrician who will count all necessary materials and estimate the cost after analyzing work scope to complete. All electrical fixtures normally will be purchased by a homeowner. If a contractor will supply light fixtures including bathroom fans, fire safety alarms, motion sensors or bulbs, all fees will be reflected in the final quote based on specific products which have to be installed.

Labor cost to complete electrical work in the new home


Licensed electrician should install temporary service before actual work on job site begins. After framing completed, an electrician crew will perform rough-in and wiring including installation of permanent electric panel according to drawings. Placing wall plates for switches and outlets as well as mounting light fixtures is the last step of a whole electrical project. Electrician will price the work accounting a number of man-hours as an essential parameter of estimating the cost of labor. Size of the house is a secondary factor affecting overall expenses and cost of wiring a new house per square foot is a sequence of what has to be done. Simple work to complete rough-in electrical, wiring and fixtures installation in 3,100 ft2 house can be prices cheaper compare to complex work in 2,400 ft2 home.

Shopping for materials and fixtures


Theoretically a property owner can purchase from local retailors all materials for performing electrical work, but it is an unpractical approach. Electrician, hired for the project typically provides all necessary supplies and includes all expenses into the final quote. Because of personal preferences, a homeowner can shop locally or on-line for the fixtures.

While building a new house all expenses will depend on who will be hired not only for electrical work, but for managing the whole construction process. Builder or general contractor simply follows architectural drawings and estimate the cost of building a new house including labor and materials expenses. All changes during construction will typically result in additional charges. If the homeowner manages organization part and hire many subcontractors than every single detail will be discussed directly with electrician who can quote electrical system installation including or excluding cost of materials.

Estimating installation time


Installation of electrical system in the house is a few steps process and starts from placing temporary service before actual construction work begins. It is normally shortest step which doesn’t take longer than one day. After framing inspection crew of four experienced electricians should complete basic rough-in and wiring of 2,600 ft2 – 2,800 ft2 house with attached two car garage in one week. Wiring for under floor heating system, home theater and security system consume more time. After painting couple more days will be spend on installation of light fixtures, recessed lights trims, switches, outlets and plates.

Work complexity


Installation of electrical system in the house is not a task for do-it-yourselfers and a licensed electrician who will guaranty the work and will pass all required inspection should be hired for performing such project.