Estimating crown molding installation cost

How much does it cost to install crown molding?

Cost of crown molding installation determined by number of factors and total expenses primary depend on crown molding prices per linear foot and labor cost to complete the work. While calculating total expenditures for installing new crown moldings number of additional factors should be taken into account. A contractor will calculate the cost after detailed measurements and analyzing work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with crown molding installation as well as expenses for all materials which have to be purchased.

Calculating crown molding installation cost

Crown molding prices comparison materials-prices

Prices for crown moulding vary greatly and depend on materials the molding made of, dimensions and design. Primed composite 2 3/4” wide crown moulding available in stock at local home improvement retailers is one of the cheapest options. Finished 9/16” x 3 5/8” moulding made of medium-density fiberboard will be more expensive. Stylish 3/4” x 4 1/2" solid oak, maple or cherry crown mouldings normally sold at much higher price per linear foot.

Determining labor cost for crown molding installation labor-cost

Labor expenses will depend on difficulty of the work and project size. Installation of narrow molding on the long with no obstacles wall/ceiling corner will be estimated at minimal charge per linear foot. Labor cost will increase if the room has an odd shape with multiple details and the work involved cutting dozens of acute or obtuse angles. Carpenter normally will charge much cheaper per liner foot for installation of more than 300 – 400 ft of crown molding comparing to a smaller project which will be charged based on minimum fee. Typically contractor will offer a better deal on labor if the molding installation is a part of a home remodeling project.

Painting or staining wood crown moulding will be calculated as separate charges.

Shopping for crown molding shopping

Standard crown molding from 8’ to 16’ long and can be purchased from local home improvement store at relatively low price. Even though selection can be limited there is still variety of options to choose from. If you are looking for a crown molding with a particular design or certain dimensions it is a good idea to check lumber yard or local mill shop. But always consider the fact custom made trims will have significantly higher price.

Estimating installation time estimating-time

Professional carpenter with a helper should be able to complete installation of 270 – 320 feet of primed and ready to paint crown molding on 8’ ceiling in four standard rooms within 5 – 6 hours. It might take slightly longer to install prefinished wood or PVC crown molding.

Work complexity work-complexity

Crown molding installation is moderate difficulty work and some homeowners with basic carpentry skills are able to perform standard installation as a do it yourself project reducing overall expenses by eliminating labor cost. While cutting a few pieces of paintable trim at 45 or 90 degrees using a miter saw and nailing it to the ceiling with a 18 gauge finish nailer might not be an extremely challenging task. However, more complicated project can be harder to perform with lack of experience.

Imperfection on prefinished and stained molding cannot be hidden with caulk and all cuts should be done precisely. For high end custom work it is always better to hire a professional carpenter who will guaranty the work quality.